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Sarah Jakes Roberts Celebrates Her Son Malachi’s 20th Birthday

    Sarah Jakes Roberts Son Malachi Jakes birthday : Bishop TD Jakes daughter and wife of Toure Roberts, Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts has taken to instagram to specially celebrate her son Malachi Jakes 20th  Birthday.

    It would be recalled that Sarah Jakes Roberts got pregnant for Malachi at the age of 13 out of wedluck.

    Celebrating Malachi Jakes 20th birthday, Pastor SJR took to instagram to post a throwback picture of herself carrying Malachi as a baby and wrote :

    Because a little while ago this boy somehow became a man. I wish I could pinpoint the moment it happened, but it feels like it all flashed before my eyes.

    I somehow thought time would standstill and allow me to grow up while he stayed the same. Alas, time waits for no woman and this baby boy held space for me to grow up with him.

    There has not been a person more patient, loving, generous, and sacrificial than Malachi. Sometimes he’s an old man trapped in a young man’s body and then there are moments when I can still see he’s a five years old waiting on chicken nuggets. I guess that’s my prayer for him today as he enters his 20s.

    Malachi, may you always be a sweet and sour combination of wisdom and childhood joy. May you be filled with more creativity than you can handle like your favorite fresh fries spilling out the container. I pray you always find a way to take the lemons of life and mix them with the sweetness of faith and expectation.
    Today I honor the gift your life continues to be to mine. I’m better because you’re my son. This next decade will be your best decade and my lap will always be available to call your home. ❤️

    Happy Birthday @themalachijakes! I love you so much.

    Prior to thus birthday, Malachy Jakes mother Sarah Jakes Roberts took to instagram to share a short vide of herself , her husband Toure Roberts and Malachi.

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