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Sarah Jakes Roberts: If God Called You, Nothing Can Stop You

    Sarah Jakes Roberts sermon if God calls you nothing can stop you : the daughter of Bishop T.D Jakes and the wife of Toure Roberts, pastors Sarah Jakes Roberts (SJR) has come through with this wonderful sermon titled “If God Called You, Nothing Can Stop You” where she teaches that if you set it in motion, God will do the rest. Herein, Sarah Jakes Roberts speaks at Propel on TBN’s Praise and discussed how if God has called you to do something, nothing can stop you.

    She said she knows you’re looking at the weapon but she is telling you it won’t prosper, you’re looking at the depression but she is telling you the joy of the lord is your strength, you’re looking at the struggle but she is telling you that when it’s all said and done though he slays you you can trust in Him. Sarah said she put ‘but’ first and that means that you got to start telling your situation that you know what it looks like but you  know what God said.

    This is because first, you are hanging on to what God said first in the middle of what’s taking place. You shouldn’t let the middle shake you, remember what God said first … God said you are fearfully and wonderfully made. God said you are going to make it to the other side. He said that his spirit would overtake you and it would show up right on time.

    Watch and learn from this message by Sarah Jakes Roberts (SJR) “If God Called You, Nothing Can Stop You”

    Source: Sarah Jakes Roberts Youtube

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