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Sarah Jakes Roberts & O’Neal: How to Communicate Your Emotions

    Sarah Jakes Roberts sermon How to Communicate Your Emotions : The founder of Woman Evolve, daughter of Bishop TD Jakes and wife of Pastor Toure Roberts, Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts shares this new Podcast alongside Anthony O’Neal titled “How to Communicate Your Emotions” where they teach that communicating your emotions when you’ve been the ‘strong’ person in every environment can be challenging. Sarah and Anthony discuss why we are wired to withhold communicating our emotions and how we can change that.

    As humans, we are bound to have emotions. However how we communicate these emotions matters a lot. We must learn to control our emotions and never allow our emotion gain control over us.

    Commenting on this Podcast via Instagram, Sarah Jakes Roberts wrote:

    “Adam, rescue Eve. Eve, rescue Adam.

    If you haven’t checked out the latest Woman Evolve podcast with SJR and @AnthonyOneal, stop what you’re doing and watch it NOW! It’s the conversation you didn’t even know you needed and you won’t want it to end!”

    Watch and learn from this message by Sarah Jakes Roberts & Anthony O’Neal: “How to Communicate Your Emotions” as we bring the latest messages from Christian Speakers around the globe to you.

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