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Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts : How To Become Open To Blending A Family

    Sarah Jakes Roberts Sermon How To Become Open To Blending A Family  : The daughter of Bishop TD Jakes and the founder of Women Evolve , Sarah Jakes Roberts in collaboration with  Lori Roberts share this message titled “How To Become Open To Blending A Family” . Be rest assured that this is a message worth your time and attention as it contains a lot of life changing and practical messages.  .

    In this conversation with Sarah, Lori Roberts shares how her faith and desire to move beyond pain helped her embrace the possibility of blending a family in the most healthy way with Sarah Jakes Roberts and Pastor Toure Roberts.

    She asked how you get to the place where you are open … like where you are no longer angry. It takes time but like what are you saying to yourself? What are your practices? Who do you cut off from your life? … Who do you include into your life? … because there are some people who feed into the bitterness. They feed into the anger and you know but then there are other people who call you higher.

    While you watch and listen to this insightful message by Sarah Jakes Roberts, may God bless his words in our hearts and meet us at our various points of need.

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