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Sarah Jakes Roberts and the mother Serita Jakes embarks on a Holiday Vacation.

    Sarah Jakes Roberts Serita Jakes holiday vacation : The daughter of Bishop TD Jakes, Pastor Sarah Jakes has taen her mother and the wife of Bishop TD Jakes on a sweet holiday vacation.

    Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts who is the senior pastor of ONE (Potter’s House Church) and thr founder of Women Evolve, has been a daughter and a best friend to her mother Serita Jakes.

    Recall that Bishop TD Jakes recently passed the touch to Sarah Jakes Roberts, hence handing over Women, Thou At Loosed to her by merging it with Women Evolved founded by Sarah Jakes Roberts.

    Commenting on their holiday, Pastor Sarah Jakes took to instagram to share :


    My Day 1 and I got into the holiday spirit for Hey You tonight. We’re talking “From Trauma to Hope” and it’s everything I didn’t know I needed. I’m praying it blesses you too!

    You can watch live on my Sarah Jakes Roberts YouTube page at 7pmCST.

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