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Sarah Jakes Roberts Message: Peace is the Revolution You Need

    Sarah Jakes Roberts Message Peace is the Revolution You Need : Sarah Jakes Roberts of ONE Online (Potters House ) shares this message titled “Peace is the Revolution You Need” which we are bringing to you to listen to and meditate on. The pastor of One Online (A Potters House Church) and the wife of Pastor Toure Roberts has changed the lives of many Americans through the story of her life and her teachings.

    She said she is just pressing into God to try and get an understanding of like where women are and so if you’re watching this all love and much respect. Sarah said she wants to talk to her ladies for a minute but y’all can ear hustle because you have women in your life and she thinks it’s important that you understand what women are feeling.

    Be rest assured that this is a sermon you would love to listen to as it contains a lot of useful life lesson.

    As you watch and learn from this message by Sarah Jakes Roberts: “Peace is the Revolution You Need” may God bless his words in your hearts and grant you your heart desires.

    Credit: Sarah Jakes Roberts YouTube

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