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Sarah Jakes and Toure Roberts give out their first daughter’s hand in marriage

    Sarah jakes Roberts daughter marriage : Pastor Sarah Jakes and Toure Roberts have gladly given out the hand of their first daughter in marriage.

    According to Toure Roberts, it was the most difficult experience giving the hand of your daughter to another man.

    Commenting on instagram, Pastor Toure Roberts stated thus:

    I’ve had a great variety of experiences in life but today is a first for me and if I’m honest I feel like a complete novice.

    No amount of achievement, wisdom or success can prepare you for the day you must walk your firstborn down the aisle and give her hand to another man.

    From the moment I knew my daughter Lauren was on her way into this world I loved her. She changed my life while still in her mother’s womb. Her imminent arrival demanded that I grow up, become my best self and create a life and environment worthy of such a divine gift. And to the best of my ability at every stage, that’s exactly what I did.

    I watched her flourish, learn, love God, mature and overcome challenges. I instilled in her principles about God, life, love, business, purpose and more recently, marriage. Although I may not be fully ready for this moment, the truth of the matter is that she undoubtedly is.

    When Ty, her husband-to-be, asked me for her hand, I asked him to show me his. What’s your vision? What do you love about her? How will you create a life for yourselves? What does marriage mean to you? How much money do you have and what does that credit look like? (Just kidding or am I?)

    He was able to look me in the eye and answer my questions and concerns and the things he couldn’t answer in that moment he came back later with the answers.

    I’ve grown to love Ty for many reasons and although I must admit that walking my angel down the aisle today will be a challenging feat, I’m happy to walk her down to him and put her hand in his.

    So pray for you boy. It all goes down today. And let’s pray for and wish this gorgeous couple, both inside and out, a stellar life of love, growth, happiness and prosperity!

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