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Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts’ Daughter Marks Her 14th Year Birthday

    Sarah Jakes Roberts Daughter Makenzie Henson Birthday : The daighter of Bishop TD Jakes, wife of Toure Roberts and assistant pastor of Potter’s House Church Dallas, Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts has taken to instagram to celebrate her daughter, Makenzie Henson on her 14th birthday.

    Celebrationg Makenzie’s birthday, Sarah Jakes Roberts took to instagram to write:

    Our girl turned 14 on the 14th. She let me know it was a milestone because it’s her golden birthday. I didn’t even know that golden birthdays were a thing, but because it was a big deal for her we got all dressed up for our golden girl.

    The truth is it didn’t take much convincing. Makenzie is truly our bright star. She’s been resilient in the face of adversity, grounded in integrity, dares to be accountable, and is always finding new ways to laugh, dance, and experience joy. She is fearless. She is powerful. She is destined to brighten the world with her light.

    I’m so proud to be her mother. It’s her birthday but I’m the one blessed with the gift of her.

    P. S. My baby brother @imjustdex also turned 29 today. I had Makenzie on his birthday to keep him humble. It’s not working.

    Celebrating Makenzie on her birthday, Sarah Jakes Roberts husband, Pastor Toure Roberts took to instagram to share:

    It’s the craziest thing. I can’t deny she’s growing into a young woman, but all I see when I think of her is my little girl.

    It’s the craziest thing. I want to shield her from this chaotic world, but at the same time I want her to hoist her sails, to not be intimidated by the wind, and to ride the storms that will guide her to her destination of greatness-manifest.

    I want to protect her from the lions, but also want her feet to feel the sensation of Goliath’s crushed head beneath her toes.

    It’s the craziest thing, but I’ve discovered that it doesn’t have to be either/or. I can both cheer for her as she enters life’s many rings, while doing everything in my power to make sure that the ropes are secure and that’s she’s got every chance at victory she deserves.

    Kenzie — As you celebrate 14 today, do know that I’ve never believed in you more than I do right now. You are more than enough. You’re fierce, bright and powerful. You are a force and I’m cheering you forever!

    I love you! Happy Birthday! -Daddy.

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