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Meet Sarah Jakes Roberts 6 children and basic facts about them

    Sarah Jakes Roberts Children: pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts is a popular pastors, author, public speaker and founder of Women Evolve. She is the daughter of the famous preacher, author and film maker, Bishop T.D Jakes and Serita Jakes of Potters house church of Dallas.

    Sarah Jakes Roberts Age and Date of birth

    Sarah Jakes was born on the 17th day of July 1988 in West Virginia, the United States of America by her parents T.D Jakes and Serita Jakes.

    As of 2022 being the time of writing this article, she is 34 years old.  She was raised alongside her 3 brothers; Jermain, Thomas Jakes Jr., and Jamar Jakes, and her only sister; Cora Jakes Coleman.

    She completed her high school education at the age of 16 and later acquired a Journalism degree at the Texas Christian University in Fort Worth.


    Sarah Jakes Roberts Children

    Despite being in her prime, Pastor Sarah Jakes is a proud mother of 6 amazing children.

    All the 6 children are however not the products of her two marriage with Toure Roberts but also includes her offspring from her previous marriage. She has been married in the past however it ended in a bitter divorce. After a while, she met her current husband Toure Roberts, whom she married in a private wedding ceremony in 2014.

    Two years after the wedding, the couple welcomed their child together, a daughter whom they name Ella Roberts on 10th February 2016.

    Prior to her marrying Toure Roberts, Sarah was Previously married to a former NFL player Robert Henson. They got married in 2009 when she was just 19. However, the marriage ended in divorce after 4 years in 2012.

    Sarah and Toure Roberts both  have kids from their former marriages that were added to make them have a family of 6 children. Aside from Ella Roberts that she and her husband share, Sarah Jakes came into the marriage with Toure Roberts with  two children from her former relationships/marriage and the children are  Makenzie Henson and Malachi Jakes.

    Sarah Jakes Roberts husband  Toure Roberts also came into the marriage with children from his former marriage, named Isaiah Roberts, Teya Roberts, and Ren Taylor Roberts.

    Consequent upon the foregoing, Sarah is now playing the role of a biological mother and a stepmother of three of Toure’s children from his former marriage.

    They are all living together as one big united and happy family.

    Sarah Jakes family picture

    Sarah Jakes Roberts Husband Toure Roberts

    Pastor Roberts is the founding Pastor of The Potter’s House at One LA which is one of the fastest-growing churches in Los Angeles. He is likewise the Senior Pastor of the Potter’s House of Denver.


    Basic Facts About Sarah Jakes Roberts You Need To Know

    1. She is the beloved daughter of the famous preacher , author, film maker and the founder of Potters House of Dallas, Bishop Thomas Dexter Jakes and the wife Serita Jakes.
    2. She is the wife of Pastor Touré Roberts with whom she co-founded ONE church.
    3. She is a biological mother of 3 (one child with Touré Roberts and two children from her former marriage) and a stepmother to 3 children being the children from Touré Roberts former marriage.
    4. She is the founder of woman Evolve in 2017 (a ministry whose aim to help women evolve into the best version of themselves)
    5. She had her first child at the age of 14
    6. Her first marriage experience was terrible and ended in divorce.
    7. Recently, Pat and Emmitt Smith Charities in partnership with Good Morning America Co-host, Robin Roberts celebrated her as a National Overcomer.
    8. Some of Her Popular Books Include:
    • Woman Evolve: Break Up With Your Fears And Revolutionize Your Life
    • Don’t Settle For Safe: Embracing The Uncomfortable To Become Unstoppable
    • Lost and Found: Finding Hope in the Detours of Life
    • Don’t Settle For Safe: Embracing The Uncomfortable To Become Unstoppable

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