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See the amazing picture of Sarah Jakes Roberts at Black Excellence Brunch

    Sarah Jakes Roberts Black Excellence Brunch : Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts who was recently invited and honored in an event ” Black Excellence Brunch” has taken to instagram to appreciate the invitation and honour and also expressed her satisfaction being part of the event.

    Sarah and Toure at Black Excellence Brunch
    Sarah and Toure at Black Excellence Brunch

    Commenting on the event, Pastor Sarah Jakes took to instagram to write :

    My father always says that when you attend an event that you’re offered a look inside someone’s mind.

    This weekend I wasn’t just honored at the @blackexcellencebrunch brunch, I was invited to see the thoughts of @trellworld on display.

    Details, intention, beauty, decadence, luxury, elegance, and class were on full display. Women gathered to share their experiences, intertwine their joy, and celebrate the skin that they’re in.

    @trellworld thank you so much for creating an opportunity for me to feel cherished and appreciated. I will not soon forget the joy that was embedded in my soul.

    @fabkasi your kindness, exuberance, and brilliance is top tier.

    @toureroberts you promised to create an environment for me to flourish. Thank you for being a man of your word, the scaffolding that holds me up, and the very smile that breaks through my nerves, fears, and insecurities. You are some kinda wonderful.

    📸: @kaibyrd_ your photographs truly captured the essence of this event.


    See instagram clip below

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