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Sarah Jakes Roberts & Miss Diddy: How To Embrace The unknown

    Sarah Jakes Roberts and Miss Diddy sermon How To Embrace The unknown : Sarah Jakes Roberts in collaboration with Miss Diddy have come through with this wonederful message titled “How To Embrace The Unknown” where Miss. Diddy gave us the cheat code for how she has been able to embrace the unknown. Listen to what she has to say about fear and what she navigates her life around.

    She said the spirit of fear is its own thing and the spirit of fear actually fears us but because it’s the spirit of fear we think we have to take on fear and fear is really not just it. What matters is understanding what’s happening around you and the unknown being really unfamiliar; that is … we get to a place where knowing that the unknown is still okay.

    We have to follow God’s dream for our lives and you got to change how you’re looking at fear and what that looks like and know that fear actually fears us. She said we’re actually more proud, more powerful than it.

    Kindly watch and learn from this sermon and as you do so, may God bless his words in your heart.

    Video Credit: Sarah Jakes Roberts YouTube


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