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Sarah Jakes Roberts & Arian Simone: How to Build A Revolutionary Team

    Sarah Jakes Roberts and Arian Simone sermon 2022 : The daighter of Bishop T.D Jakes and founder of Women Evolve. pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts in collaboration with  Arian Simone share this message titled “How to Build A Revolutionary Team” .

    Be rest assured that this is an impactful message worth listening to. Worthy to remind us that Arian Simone is the Co-Founder and General Partner of Fearless Fund and she knows how to help people build wealth. She credits her success to the strength of her team and God’s pace as she shares how she knows someone is long-term versus seasonal. Arian also shares how to move accordingly.

    In this messgae, the duo talked about having revolutionary strategy for different areas of our lives, revolutionary strategies for the resources that are available in our lives. Sarah asked how important team has been to her and how she qualifies people who are their seasonally and people who are with Arian for the long term.

    Watch, listen, meditate and learn from this message by Sarah Jakes Roberts & Arian Simone “How to Build A Revolutionary Team” and remian blessed as you stay tuned with us while we continuously update you with the latest sermons and devotionals from famous pastors around the world.

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