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Tearing Down The Wall Built By Trauma : Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts

    Sarah Jakes message on trauma : The daughter of Bishop TD Jakes, wife of Toure Roberts, co-pastor of ONE (Potters House church) and the founder of Women Evolve, Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts has taken to instagram to express herself and educate the general public on ”Tearing Down The Wall Built By Trauma”.

    Teaching on this topic, Pastor Sarah Jakes wrote on instagram :

    “Tearing down the wall that trauma built requires strength. In one instant it erects, but it is not made brick by brick. It is one slab of fear, defense mechanisms, broken promises, nightmares, hopes, and dreams standing rebelliously beautiful for the world to see.
    It does not offer warmth nor welcome connection. It doesn’t even offer protection from rejection, but still it feels so safe to be the master of your fate.

    Protecting your heart from another shatter. Changing your ways so you don’t feel so fragile. Resisting the intricacy of intimacy, the wall that trauma builds leaves what’s left of you alive but not growing…not healing… not owning.

    I’ve been chipping at the wall that trauma built for quite some time. It’s been scary to see the the patterns and the pain that served me once but threaten to deform me now.

    I’ve found comfort in Psalm 91 because I recognize that my trauma wall is merely a fig leaf in the presence of God.

    Today I’m praying for every soul daring to vulnerably whisper, “My intentions were pure but my actions were wrong. I’ve got to tear down this God forsaking wall…because what I want more than anything at all is to see God.”

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