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PASTOR RUSSELL TOMLINSON: Biography, Date of birth, Age, Family, Net Worth

    Russell Tomlinson Biography

    Russell Tomlinson is a pastor,  founder of Presence Gathering Church and the adorable husband of Cindy Trimm. He is a global thinker, relationship strategist, author, and conference speaker with well over thirty years of ministry experience. He is firm in his belief that a quality life is built around quality relationships.

    Pastor Tomlinson is committed to helping people define each relationship and establish boundary lines that keeps every relationship safe and in order. Russell Tomlinson agrees with the philosophy that relationships work like elevators, they can take you up or bring you down. According to Pastor Tomlinson ,  it is of the utmost importance that people understand how to manage and maintain faithful, functional, and fulfilling relationships. Faith in God not only enables people to relate to God, but Russell believes that the same faith can also help people to build strong friendships, marriages, churches, and communities .

    He declares God’s word with conviction and crystal clarity, combined with a passionate powerful delivery.

    He believes that people are blessed of God, not because they are good, but because God is good!

    Pastor Russell Tomlinson Age

    How Old is Pastor Russel Tomlinson?

    Information regarding the age and date of birth of Pastor Russell Tomlinson is not yet revealed on the internet. However be rest assures that same will me made available here as soon as it it revealed. Stay tuned while we make effort to get information about Pastor Russell Tomlinson age and date of birth.


    Pastor Russell Tomlinson Parents

    There is no known information about pastor Russell Tomlinson’s parents, it is only known that he grew up with his grand mother and she had a lot to do with nurturing his faith.


    Pastor Russell Tomlinson Wife

    What is the name of Pastor Russell Tomlinson wife?

    How old is Cindy Trimm?

    Pastor Russell got married to his first wife First Lady Renace Tomlinson; she died on the 5th December 2015. He remarried. He got married to Dr. Cindy Trimm, who was born on the 10 of July 1958; they got married in  October 2018 when Cindy was 60 years old. Suffice to state that Cindy Trimm is a former Senator,  an author, and a life coach.

    The couples had a  beautiful Cinderella wedding, which was Cindy Trimm  dream wedding, the wedding was held at the Hampton court palace in England. His wife is worth $15million. She founded the trim global charities, the Trimm international foundation and the trimm institute of global leadership. Together they care for four children three girls Lydia Tomlinson, Alisha Tomlinson and Stephanie Tomlinson and a son. They also have four grand children

    Pastor Russell Tomlinson Children

    The marriage of Pastor Russel Tomlinson and Cindy Trim is blessed with four children three girls Lydia Tomlinson, Alisha Tomlinson and Stephanie Tomlinson and a son. They also have four grand children


    Pastor Russell Tomlinson CAREER/DEGREE

    There is no known information about pastor Russell Tomlinson’s degree.


    Pastor Russell Tomlinson MINISTRY

    Pastor Russell Tomlinson has been in the ministry for over 28 years. At age 23 he was born again. He founded presence-gathering church; he also has a global out reach. His goal is to have help people experience a personal encounter with God. His ministry is all about the grace of god and manifestations in God’s presence. Pastor Russell is also a lead pastor at of Faith Alive Fellowship Church in Fort Lauderdale.


    Pastor Russell Tomlinson Net worth

    How much is Russell Tomlinson worth?

    How much does Russell Tomlinson earn?

    There is no known information about pastor Russell Tomlinson’s Net Worth but we know he wrote a book that has been sold and he has a church and he also makes money from his YouTube channel.


    Pastor Russell Tomlinson Books

    Pastor Russell Tomlinson has not written so much books, but here is one amazing book:


    • Orthodoxy as it is: its mental influence and practical inefficiency and effects illustrated by philosophy and facts.


    Pastor Russell Tomlinson Sermons:

    Pastor Russell who is the husband of Cindy Trimm is a devoted preacher of the gospel. He has remained relentlessly committed in his effort to ensure the continuous spiritual growth and development people worldwide and this he has achieved and keeps achieving through his life changing sermons,

    • Keeping Your Expectations High
    • Empowering The Church Of Tomorrow
    • Confidence To Hear God’s Voice
    • Building Trust
    • Who Are You Wearing


    Pastor Russell Tomlinson SOCIAL MEDIA CONTACTS


    Twitter: @RusselTomlins7

    Instagram: @russell_tomlinson




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