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Biography of Bishop Rudolf Mckissick Jnr

    Several ministries have been established with the sole aim of spreading the word of God to diverse individuals. These ministries have consisted of major hardworking, determined, and contributing individuals who have helped greatly in the preaching of the gospel.

    Biography of Bishop Rudolf Mckissick Jnr

    Rudolf Mckissick Jnr
    Rudolf Mckissick Jnr
    Background Information
    Full Name: Rudolf Mckissick Jnr
    Gender Male
    Place of Birth: United States
    Nationality: American
    Net Worth
    Occupation: Pastor

    Bishop Rudolf Mckissick Jnr is the only son of the former superseding officer of the Bethel Church, Bishop Rudolph Waldo Mckissick Snr. He is known to have contributed to the church’s success and currently handles affairs since the handover by his father, Bishop Rudolf Waldo Mckissick Snr.


    Bishop Rudolf Mckissick Jnr is 57 years old.

    Early Life And Education

    Bishop Rudolf Mckissick Jnr was born in 1965 to Bishop Rudolph Mckissick Snr and Teresa Lee Williams. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Jacksonville; he has a twin major in Field Music (Sacred Music and Opera) and a Minor in Pipe Organ Performance. Furthermore, Bishop Rudolf Mckissick obtained a Master of Divinity from the Samuel Dewitt Proctor School of Religion and a doctorate from the United Theological Seminary.

    Personal Life

    Bishop Rudolf Mckissick Jnr is married to Kimberly Joy Nichols, and their union is blessed with 3 children, namely Joshua, Janai, and Jocelyn Mckissick.


    Bishop Rudolf Mckissick Jnr is mainly known for his role in developing the word of God through the Bethel Church. Aside from that, he was formerly a doctoral mentor at the United Theological Seminary, Dayton, Ohio, where he served professionally.

    In this institution, Bishop Rudolf Mckissick was responsible for the mentorship of several students of Doctoral Ministry Degree. He also wrote several books and songs, including “The Recovery.”

    Bethel Church

    Since the handover from Bishop Rudolph Waldo Snr to Bishop Rudolf Mckissick Jnr, there have been several improvements in the church. The church, formerly “Bethel Institutional Church,” is now known as the Bethel Experience, a place known for worship.

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