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ROBERT BOB COY OF CALVARY CHAPEL: Biography, Age, Family, Net worth, Wife, Children

    Biography of Robert J Bob Coy Calvary Chapel

    Pastor Bob Coy, a Senior Pastor and initiator of Calvary Chapel, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is a very popular man, especially after the pathetic scandal that led to his resignation.


    Pastor Robert Coy was born on the 27th day of November, at Royal Oak, Michigan. Accordingly his birthday comes up on the 27th day of November every year


    Pastor Robert Coy married his amiable wife Diane Coy in 1984 and which the duo divorced as at 2016.

    As regards to the youth life or the beginning of life of Pastor Robert Coy, he started to work at Capitol records in Detroit at the age of twenty-one and according to Pastor Robert Coy, he posited that his life at Capitol records was dominated majorly with drugs, sex and rock and roll. Pastor Robert Coy opined that he was a drug addict and he has been arrested severally for driving under the influence of alcohol an d drugs and which his licence was taken away from him.

    However, when Pastor Robert Coy was twenty-four years, Coy was reported by a band manager offering drugs to one of the members of the crew. Pastor Robert Coy later proceeded to Las Vegas and got a somewhat befitting work as a property manager and which he later left to Casino, where he was made the director of entertainment and the Casino is ‘All-Girl Revue’. Pastor Robert Coy stated that the Casino can be likened to a Street club.

    Pastor Robert Coy was still living a lewd life and still addicted to drugs, till 26th December, 1981, when he had an encounter. When his brother that is married and a born again allowed him stay over his living room after a savage party, his brother in the person of Jim and the wife brought a bible , pillow and blanket and which he threw the bible on Jim and insulted him , but Jim left him with the things he gave him, including the bible he threw at him, but there was something spectacular about the bible on the floor.

    Pastor Robert Coy stated that he couldn’t sleep because of the bible on the floor and which was literally caling him out and he picked the bible and opened to John 3: 16 and read it and soaked himself in tears for the kind of life he was living. Thereafter his brother Jim and the wife came back to Pastor Robert Coy and he told him that God told him to lay his hands on him.

    It is pertinent to mention that after that mighty encounter, Pastor Robert Coy resigned his work at the Casino and started work at Calvary Chapel Las Vegas as an associate pastor.

    Progressively and divinely, Pastor Robert Coy and his wife, Diane, proceeded to Florida and established Calvary Chapel- Fort Lauderdale in 1985. Calvary Chapel is one of the biggest churches in United States of America, with estimated attendance of two thousand weekly.

    Nevertheless, for myriads of years Pastor Robert Coy has spear-headed the Calvary Chapel, which has hosted plethora of dignitaries at the well-known twenty-five thousand power house, in Fort Lauderdale. Some of these dignitaries are in the persons of Benjamin Netanyahu and George W. Bush.

    As a humanitarian, Pastor Robert Coy through his church established 4Kids of South Florida in 1997, whose objective is to primarily take charge of orphan and children under the Foster Care System in South Florida. The establishment of 4Kids of South Florida was established due to the fact that prevention of kids from going to foster homes becomes a desideratum.

    Regrettably, Pastor Robert Coy stepped down as the Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel after an allegation of adultery and his predilection for pornographic films. In order to undergo restoration process, Pastor Robert Coy stayed in Chattanooga, Tennessee, precisely in the Calvary Chapel of the city.

    After Pastor Robert Coy stepped down, the Calvary Chapel board replaced him with Pastor Doug Sauder under the premise that Pastor Robert Coy has some vestige of moral failing.

    Also, Diane Coy Divorced Pastor Robert Coy after the scandal and after the resignation of Pastor Robert Coy, he proceeded to work as Consultant at Boca Rica, Florida, at a company known as Funky Biscuits. Pathetically, Pastor Robert Coy equally sole his house, which surprised his congregation.

    In 2015, Pastor Robert Coy faced another pathetic scandal, in which he was accused of molesting a girl from the age of four till she became a teenager.

    It is pertinent to x-ray how the allegation started. There was a call to the Coral Springs Police, where a woman told the police that a certain reputable man from South Florida, has in all these tin years been molesting the daughter and which started at the age of four.

    In the allegation against Pastor Robert Coy, it was explicitly stated that Pastor Robert Coy has forced the young girl to perform oral sex on him and which thereafter, Pastor Robert Coy, will fondle and finger her genitals, give dirty talks to her and which he will equally make the young girl touch his penis. A disgusting allegation indeed.

    It is apposite to mention, that the call didn’t explicitly mention Robert Coy, but after some investigations done by the Coral Springs Police Station, it was deciphered that it was the accused is a big fish and no other person than the influential Florida Pastor, in the person of Pastor Robert Coy.

    Instructively, the allegation of molestation has been serially questioned on the premise that Pastor Robert Coy was not even invited by the police for necessary investigations and questioning. Reports has it that the Coral Springs police was so indifferent in prosecuting the case and which they later dumped the file.

    Also, it was also alleged that Attorney to Pastor Robert Coy, tried inducing the Judge in charge of the divorce case with the influence of some republicans in order to protect Calvary Chapel Fort, Lauderdale.

    It is imperative to say, that the Calvary Chapel has been alleged to be reputed for child molestation. That an estimated eight pastors from the Calvary Chapel has been charged to court on the allegation of child molestation since 2010. It has also been alleged that  the Calvary Chapel took a paedophile to another city, without proper warning to parents.

    As a result of the scandal against Pastor Robert Coy of Calvary Chapel, the media ministry of the church was terminated, which includes: digital media, radio and television.

    Finally, in 2017, Funky Biscuit terminated the employment of Pastor Robert Coy, because of the allegation published in The Miami Times.

    Bob Coy Net Worth : $ 13 Million

    Bob Coy’s Salary / Income:

    Per Year: $ 4,00,000

    Per Month: $ 32,000

    Per Week: $ 8,000

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