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Robert Fergusson Sermons – God The Father

    Robert Fergusson Sermons God The Father  – God our father is always present, he loves us and believes in us, he will provide for, as he has provided for his own son Jesus. In the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus told us to pray by starting with “our father”, God is our father. Jesus was telling us that we have God as a father and that we can experience him as a real and a present loving father.

    In Luke chapter 12, Jesus referred to God as our father. God is one but reveals himself in 3 persons, God the father, son and spirit. The holy spirit helps us find Jesus and he talks about Jesus, he directs us to Jesus, while Jesus always talks about his father and tries to lead us to him, that’s the direction of prayers, that’s how we can access God.

    We pray by the help of the Holy Spirit, hence by the spirit I can see Jesus and because of Jesus I can see the father and the father says we should listen to his son.

    During the baptism of Jesus, God the father spoke to us about his son, and since we are his children just like Jesus Christ the same things he said stands for us. In the baptism:

    God the father identifies us as his children, and if we know God the father, then we will know who we are, we will be able to know our purpose here on earth.

    God the father loves us as and long as we know him, we know that he loves us greatly.

    God the father values us he told Jesus that with you I am well pleased.

    Its important we know God as our father and to do that, we have to ask Jesus Christ to come into our lives and be born again by the spirit of God and all You have to do is to pray a simple prayer asking God to reveal Jesus to you.


    The bible verses for this teaching


    Luke 11 vs.1

    Matthew 6 vs.1

    John 20: 17

    Luke 12 vs. 30

    Luke 9 vs. 35

    Luke 3. 21-23


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