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Rick Warren Sunday Service in Saddleback Church – Live Stream online August-01-2021 – Recipe For A Miracle

    JOIN Saddleback Church Sunday Service with Rick Warren, Live Stream (August-01-2021).

    And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature (Mark 16:15). The call to fellowship with our Lord Jesus is not to a specific people. Jesus said “preach the gospel to all creature” meaning every one of us has an equal right to hearing and fellowshipping with our Lord. Pastor Rick Warren’s sermons and Teachings is not an exemption. Everyone can watch and stream live Pastor Rick Warren’s Sunday services in Saddleback Church online for free. What makes men fallen in the life of faith? What does it mean by Jesus’ atonement? How far can Grace sustain me? Can a man ever be perfect?

    Tune in right at this website every Sunday for a special message from Pastor Rick Warren as we bring to you live courage of the Sunday service in Saddleback Church for online streaming. You can share this message with your friends and loved ones as you live stream Saddleback church Sunday service with Pastor Rick Warren for free. Find your purpose and your place at Saddleback Church no matter where you’re at in life, we have a place for you to have a fellowship with God. Join Rick Warren Sunday Service in Saddleback Church – Live Stream online every Sunday right here in this website and let us take the next step together.

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