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Rick warren sermon: Getting People to Work Together

    Rick Warren sermon Getting People to Work Together: If you want to know God’s way to build anything or rebuild anything you’re going to want to study the book of Nehemiah, which is the story of one of the greatest building projects in the history of humanity it was completed in record time.

    Today pastor Rick Warren looks at the third chapter of Nehemiah in chapter 3 of Nehemiah, there are four key words and several key phrases and we’re going to look at all of them, in this message today using different translations, for instance we discover that the word built is used 30 times in this chapter, the word rebuilt is used 29 times the word repaired is used 31 times and the word worked is used 24 times, those are key words.

    So if you want to build anything or you want to rebuild anything or you want to repair anything or you want to get people to work together you need to know and use the principles of chapter 3 of Nehemiah.

    In previous studies together, pastor rick warren pointed out that to fulfil any dream God put’s in your heart, you’re going to have to enlist other people to help you, you can’t do it yourself you’ll never reach your dream by yourself, God wired us to need each other no one ever succeeds on their own.

    Once you’ve recruited some people to help you with your dream and build a better future, you also have to know how to get them to work together and that’s a whole different issue.

    You might get some friends to help you with your dream, but will they know how to work together? one of the reasons I believe the world is in such a bad shape these days, is because people don’t know how to work together anymore, they work against each other, instead of working with each other and so as we look around in the world, we see the problems are just getting worse.

    What we’re going to look at today is a skill that you need to succeed in life. Business studies and home studies show that the number one factor in getting promoted in life is having good people skills, being able to work to get other people, to work together. In contrast the number one reason people get fired is poor communication skills poor people skills, not knowing how to get along with others.

    A review of the background the city of Jerusalem, it was a pile of ruins destroyed by war and 70 years of neglect while the Jews were held captive in Babylon God gave, Nehemiah had the dream of rebuilding a protective wall around the city, so it could flourish again

    These are some steps Jeremiah took to build back, while getting people to work together.

    Step number one, when God has given you a dream the first step to getting other people involved is to divide the dream into smaller goals and tasks, divide the big dream that you’re given.

    Step number two, you must let others share the ownership

    Of the dream, if your dream is ever going to be accomplished, it must become our dream. Other people have to share.

    Number three, here’s the third principle organize around natural relationships, if you have a dream and you’re going to help get other people to help you with your dream, you need to create work groups that use relationships that already exist.

    Step number four develop a team spirit, if you’re going to reach your dream you’re going to have to get your friends or the people who are working with you, whether it’s two or five or ten or whatever, you’re going to have to develop a team spirit. And that mean you focuses on cooperation not competition.

    This steps if followed can make the world a better place one small group at a time, teaching leaders how to help their followers and everyone at large work together in unity.



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