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Rick Warren Sermon Finding the Strength to Keep Going When I’m Emotionally Worn Out

    Rick Warren Sermon Finding the Strength to Keep Going When I’m Emotionally Worn Out: Pastor rick warren talks to us about finding the strength to keep going in God’s word when you are emotionally worn out. Notice he is not talking about when you’re physically worn out or when you’re physically tired, that’s a much easier problem actually to solve, when you’re physically tired you just need rest and relaxation, you just get some time off and get some sleep, but sleep and rest alone will not cure the emotional fatigue, the spiritual fatigue and the relational fatigue that many people are feeling after the last year.

    For half of the massive change in our lives, what you need is a strategy, to recharge your spiritual and emotional battery. There’s going to be many times in life when you need to keep going, when your mind and your emotions have already shut down, they’ve shut down from emotional overload or from fatigue and just working too long and putting out to much time and helping too many people.


    Today pastor Rick warren wants us to look at some solutions from God’s word on how to keep on going, when you feel like giving up. the bible has a lot to say about developing the qualities of resilience, endurance and determination but before we actually look at some secret steps or keys or principles, he gave us examples in scripture of determination to keep going, one is Jesus and the other is the apostle Paul.


    The first is the determination of Jesus to keep going in spite of opposition, Jesus faced constant opposition in his ministry, both the religious leaders and the political leaders were constantly trying to stop Jesus from teaching and ministering, they didn’t want him doing this, he was too popular and at one point they tried to intimidate Jesus to stop his ministry by telling him, “king Herod wants to kill you” Jesus replied them saying, I will keep on driving out demons and healing people today and tomorrow and on the next day and then I’ll reach my goal, nothing is going to stop me, least of all a fear of somebody else or some kind of criticism or opposition. Jesus obviously had the spirit of resilience.

    The second example we have is the determination of Paul and Paul was determined to keep going, in spite of pain we find that in second Corinthians chapter 4 verses 8 and 9. He said we are hard-pressed on every side by troubles, does that sound familiar? Maybe how you feel right now, but we are not crushed and broken, we are perplexed but we do not give up.

    The truth is you get the power and the strength to keep going the same place Jesus and Paul got it, you get it from God but that’s just the simple answer. There are actually some key actions and attitudes that you’re going to need to make it to your finish line, to have the strength to keep on keeping on.

    They include first key daily strength, the daily strength that you’re going to need to keep going in a time of crisis or conflict. Honestly tell God what you are feeling, unload all your burdens on him

    The second thing is, God understands my feelings better than I do, you have the feelings but God understands them better than you do, he gave them to you. The only reason you have emotions is because you’re made in God’s image, God is an emotional God.

    The third fact you need to realise and remember is this, God loves to listen to us, in psalm 116 verses 1 and 2 today’s English version, David says this, I love the lord, he says I love the lord because he listens to my prayers, he listens to me every time I call to him God is a listening God, he is never too busy for a conversation with you.

    This are some of the ways we can keep strong during the tough times that hit us in life.


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