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Pastor Rick Warren : Biography, Age, Ministry, sermons, wife, Children, Net worth etc

    Rick Warren net worth is approximately $30,000,000 (thirty million US dollars). Like some other pastors, his sources are numerous, he has books that have been and are being sold all around the world, and he also made some money from his salary from the church and from public engagements.

    Pastor Rick Warren Biography:

    Rick Warren Full name is Pastor Richard Duane Warren

    Rick Warren parents  are Jimmy and Dot Warren

    Rick Warren age/date of birth: He was born on the 28th January 1954

    Rick Warren net worth is estimated to 30 Million Dollars

    Rick Warren wife is Kay Warren (Married since June 21st 1975)

    Rick Warren Children: Rick Warren and Kay Warren have 3 children ; Mathew Warren, Amy Warren and Josh Warren

    Biography of Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church

    The senior pastor of Saddleback Community Church in the person of Richard Duane Warren popularly known as Pastor Rick warren is a man fulfilling God’s purpose in God’s vine yard.

    Pastor Richard Duane Warren (popularly known as Pastor Rick Warren) was born in San Jose, California on 28th Day of January, 1954 to the family of Jimmy and Dot Warren. The father of Pastor Duane Warren was a minister at the Baptist church and the mum, in the person of Dot Warren was a high school Librarian. It is important to mention that Pastor Rick Warren, was bred in Ukiah Neighborhood, California.

    Progressively, Pastor Rick Warren that grew up in the Ukiah Neighborhood , attended Ukiah High School in 1972 and formed one of the known Christian club in the school, known as the Fishers of Men Club.

    Pastor Rick Warren, in furthering his studies, proceeded to California Baptist University, Riverside, where he obtained a degree in Bachelor of Arts. After his sojourn at California Baptist University, Riverside, he obtained a Master’s Degree in Divinity in 1979, from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, in Fort Worth, Texas. Pastor Duane Warren in his quest to boost his spiritual life and academics, obtained a doctorate degree from Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, California, where he obtained Doctor of Ministry.

    Pastor Rick Duane Warren is a pastor at the Baptist Evangelical Christian Church and also the initiator that established Saddleback Valley Community Church.

    The Saddleback Community church is an outstanding church that is in alliance with the Southern Baptist Convention that is situated in Lake forest, California. The Saddleback Community Church is the sixth Largest church in the United States of America.

    Pastor Rick Warren equally opined that he left his lectures and went with a friend to Jack Tar Hotel, San Francisco to listen to the sermon of W.A Criswell in 1973. Pastor Rick Duane Warren stayed back to at least see W.A Criswell or shake hands with him and upon gaining this opportunity, the renowned W. A Criswell told him that he felt a strong urge to lay hands on him and pray for him.

    It is pertinent to mention that at the time Pastor Rick Warren was at Theological Seminary of the Southwestern Baptist, Pastor Duane Warren worked with Billi Hanks Jr at ministry campus known as the Texas Rauch of Christ.

    Progressively, Pastor Richard Duane Warren started a Bible study group with a congregation of seven persons inclusive of his wife in 1980 at the SaddleBack Valley Community Church Condo, Orange County, California in 1980.

    The first general service held at SaddleBack Valley Community was held in the year 1980 and which was held on an Easter Sunday, with two hundred congregants at the theatre of Laguna Hills High School.

    The thirty-five years of historical years of Saddleback Valley Community Church has been with a tremendous progress in all ramification. The church has close to eight various branches and the churches congregants in a week can be estimated at twenty thousand persons.

    Pastor Duane Warren’s opinion on issues like same-sex marriage, abstinence and the use of condoms to avoid HIV/AIDS, embryonic stem-cell has been argued to be traditional evangelical and conservative theological.

    Pastor Rick Warren is also a great author and has written myriads of books that range from guide to church ministry and evangelism, to The Purpose Driven Life, which the sales is up to one million and which has given Pastor Duane Warren, the revered recognition of New York Times best-selling author.

    Rick Warren has also partnered with other authors to write books such as Twelve Dynamic Bible Study Methods for and The Victory Scripture Memory Series and he partnered with Hanks and Wayne Watts.

    Nevertheless, Pastor Duane Warren being a great man of God of repute, organized a programme for the two presidential candidates, called the Civil Forum on the Presidency in the United States Presidential Election in 2008 and which the two presidential candidates in the persons of Barack Obama and John McCain were present.

    Pastor Duane Warren, has been a guest of honour in plethora of programmes in the United States and has also spoken in most of these programmes. These programmes are both National and International and which ranges from the World Economic Forum in Davis to the United Nation, the Council on Foreign Relations, Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and Time Global Health Summit. Pastor Warren is part of the team of Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and he has been part of the team since 2005.

    It is important to mention that after Obama’s victory and in December 2008, Pastor Duane Warren was appointed to pray at the presidential inauguration of Barrack Obama and this seriously didn’t go down well with the advocates of LGBT and pro-choice, consequent Barrack Obama and Pastor Rick Warren were heavily criticized.

    On the issue of Same-sex marriage, Former US  President Barrack Obama came to the defence of Pastor Rick Warren despite his not being  in support of Pastor Rick Warren anti-stand on the issue of same-sex marriage and abortion.

    Pastor Rick Warren in 2009 January formed alliance with Reader’s Digest Association, to inaugurate the purpose Driven Connection, which is a publication produced quarterly and which is one of the myriads of multimedia products. The Reader’s Digest Association that is partnering with Pastor Duane Warren to produce the magazine, announced that they may not continue with the publication due to low patronage.


    Pastor Rick Warren was born on the 28th day of January 1954. Accordingly, as at 2021 Rick Warren is 67 years old.  Pastor Rick Warren Birthday comes up on the 28 day of January every year.

    Rick Warren Wife Kay Warren

    Rick Warren is happily married to the love of his life, his ever supportive and helpful wife Kay warren. Kay Warren who was born on the 9th day of February 1954 in San Diego, California, United States is an American author, international speaker, Bible teacher and mental health advocate. She is the co-founder of the sixth-largest evangelical megachurch in the United States, Saddleback Church. The couples tied knot on the June 21 1975.

    Rick and Kay Warren

    Rick Warren Son /Children

    The marriage between Rick Warren and Kay Warren is blessed with 3 children named; Matthew (deceased), Amy and Josh. Rick Warren youngest child Mathew Warren took his own life(suicide) after 10 years of fighting mental illness.

    Rick Warren son
    Pastor Rick Warren and son

    Rick Warren Net Worth

    Rick Warrens net worth is approximately $30,000,000 (thirty million US dollars). Like some other pastors, his sources are numerous, he has books that have been and are being sold all around the world, and he also made some money from his salary from the church and from public engagements.

    Rick Warren Church/ Rick Warren Ministry

    Pastor Rick is the founder and lead pastor of Saddleback Church. Saddleback Church is a Baptist Evangelical multi-site megachurch, affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention, located in Lake Forest, California. It is the largest church in California, and one of the largest in the United States of America. The church has several campuses in California and around the world.

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