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See how Sarah Jakes Roberts celebrated Ren Roberts-Headlee on her birthday

    Ren Roberts-Headlee birthday : Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts has taken to instagram to celebrate Ren Roberts-Headlee on her birthday.

    Recall that not long ago , SJR took to instagram to celebrate the wedding of Ren Roberts-Headlee and Tyheadlee and there she wrote:

    And now these two incredible souls embark on a journey of becoming one divine creation.

    @tyheadlee is officially a part of our family and we’re more creative, anointed, graceful, and joyful because of it.

    Praying for much rest, reflection, abs rejuvenation on your time away. #headedtobetheheadlees.

    Now celebrating the birthday of the new wife, Sarah Jakes Roberts wrote on Instagram:

    By your side, going ahead of you, standing behind you… I don’t care where I am as long as I can bask in the light of your soul setting the world on fire.

    May fresh fire fall on your embers and the wind of God breathe on where your heart is burning. May strength meet you in every step and rest invade your every breath. May this next year of your life be the most rewarding and fulfilling. I’m loving you every step of the way.

    Happy Birthday @itsreallyren 🥳🎂🎉🎈

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