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Question and Answer with Dr. David Jeremiah

    Question and Answer with Dr David Jeremiah : What question do you have for Dr. David Jeremiah? Do you have any religious question you wish to know the biblical answer to?

    Dr. David Jeremiah has provided us with an opportunity to put forward any question to him for an immediate response.

    Publicizing the question and answer campaign , David Jeremiah wrote on instagram:

    During Dr. Jeremiah’s current campaign, “This Could Be The Day!”, we are looking for biblical answers to some of today’s most pressing questions about prophecy. As we are in the middle of this campaign, we would like your input: What would you like to ask Dr. Jeremiah about prophecy?

    Kindly take advantage of this opportunity and get more grounded in your religious knowledge.

    If you have any question for Dr David Jeremiah, kindly drop your question in the comment section, or sent it through the email below . You can also send your questions to Dr David Jeremiah Instagram handle.

    Send Your question through 

    1. Comment section
    2. David Jeremiah Instagram
    3. Email : [email protected]

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