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Prophet Uebert Angel: The Rise Of The Zodiac

    Prophet Uebert Angel The Rise Of The ZodiacProphet Uebert Angel has come through with this inspiring and life changing message titled “The Rise Of The Zodiac” . This is a message you cannot afford to miss. This new series will start on Sunday January 30 2022. Uebert Angel who is the founder and lead pastor of Spirit Embassy which is also called Good News Church has transformed many lives positively through his teachings and lifestyle.

    Commenting further on this Sunday via Instagram, Uebert Angel wrote:


    The Bible says..”He that WINS Souls is WISE…” and also says BEAUTIFUL are the FEET of those that CARRY the GOSPEL.

    This Sunday, learn the MIRACLE, SIGNS & WONDERS that are freely given to such! Meet me in person, this Sunday, 10:30am sharp at Spirit Embassy London branch! You will be all the wiser!!”

    Watch and learn from this message by Prophet Uebert Angel “The Rise Of The Zodiac” as we bring the latest messages from Pastors around the world to you.

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