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Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa: Biography, Age, Family Life & Net Worth

    Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa Biography, Age, Family Life & Net Worth:

    Emmanuel Makandiwa is a popular Zimbabwean Prophet, Preacher, Philanthropist, and the Senior Pastor and Founder of United Family International Church, an inter denominational ministry. He s happily married to Ruth Makandiwa and blessed with 5 children.

    Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa Biography

    The Zimbabwean controversial Prophet Shingirai Chirume well known as Emmanuel Makandiwa was born on the 25th of December, 1977. He was born to his two Zimbabwean parents Chirume and Lilian Makandiwa in a Muzarabani, (Mashonaland Central Province). He hails from a very strong Christian Background, his parents were both elders in the apostolic Faith Mission in Zinbabwe Church in Muzarabani.

    Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa

    Emmanuel Makandiwa’s parent were farmers who specialized in farming cotton, grain, and other crops. Being the eldest son of his parents, he became the right hand man of the father who taught him how to farm, plant and manage crops as a young man.

    Prophet Makandiwa’s parents were devoted Christians. They were the first family that started a Church when they settle in Muzarabani area. They were partnered with an Evangelical Organization headed by the late P.D Chiweshe which was in Harara. The Evangelical Organization sponsored several crusade in Muzarabani area, and this sparked the young Emmanuel’s interest in God’s work. Even when he was in College, the Pastor at their local church would give him the opportunities to lead the sermon even on Sunday services.

    Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa Parents and Siblings

    Churime and Lilian Makandiwa are the biological parents of Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa. Emmanuel is their first Son out of five children. They are both of Zimbabweans nationality and resides in Muzarabani area of Mashonaland central Provice.

    Emmanuel Makandiwa’s father once told people that a Prophet prophesied  to him that his son Emmanuel was going to be a man of God after a miracle happened in their farm. While Emmanuel was sleeping in a wooden tent they had built in their farm,  their farm neighbors saw the tent burning and ran over to quench the fire, only to discovered Emmanuel was busy sleeping inside without being hurt or even noticing that the tent was on fire. When they managed to wake him up, he told them that he was in a vision and God told him about his prophetic calling.


    Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa was born on the 25th of December, 1977. He is currently 44 years old and will be 45 years of age by  December 25th  2022.


    Emmanuel Makandiwa attended Zengeza High School in Chitungwiza for his Secondary education. After which he made several attempt to enrolle himself into a Bible School in Harare but failed three times. He eventually  got admitted into Living Water Theological Seminary and there he acquired his Diploma in Theology in 2002.


    Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa is married to Ruth Makandiwa. The couple got married even before going into full time ministry. God have blessed their union with five Children. Ruth Makandiwa and her husband Prophet Emmanuel are the Co-founders of United Family International Church (UFIC).

    Emmanuel Makandiwa wife Ruth Makandiwa

    His wife Ruth Makandiwa leads the women ministry and also oversees the welfare department of the ministry. Ruth is one unique inspirational woman of God, and wife to her Husband . She is a pillar, visionary and a wonderful counselor. Her zeal and passion have complemented the effort of her husband in serving God with all diligence.



    After Emmanuel Makandawi completed his Theological School, he went to a county side of Matabaleland as an Assistant Pastor under the leadership of Reverend Aspher Madziyire (the former president of AFM). Emmanuel was later assigned to lead one of the Assemblies in Shangani.

    Emmanuel Makandiwa Ministry
    Picture Emmanuel Makandiwa and Wife

    In 2004 he was transferred to How-mine and subsequently to Hebron Assembly in Chintungwita. Around August 2008 Emmanuel Makandawi started an inter-denominational Church which later became an issue of concerned within the leadership of AFM, because he was given more of his attention  to his new inter-denominational ministry than that of the AFM assembly. A group of executives in the AFM presented two options before Emmanuel to decide whether to stay with AFM or to be with his Inter-denomination, and Emmanuel Makandiwa decided to go with his Inter-denomination and this ended his service with AFM.

    United Family International Church (UFIC)

    In 2008, the United Family International Church [U.F.I.C] started at the Harare City Sports Centre. Tens of thousands of people attended this service. Since then, U.F.I.C has grown into a mega-church with over 70,000 people attending the Sunday Services. It has branches in almost every province in Zimbabwe.  It officially opened its first international branch in South Africa in 2014.

    Makandiwa founded the U.F.I.C ministry in the characterized order of Moses in the Old Testament and Paul in the New Testament.  The precision of his prophetic ministry has earned him widespread local and international acceptance, and reverence as a true man of God. The United Family International Church (UFIC) has over 80,OOO adult and youth in attendance. The ministry own a free-to-air television channel called Christ-TV.  Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa began to generate controversies when he got linked to a Ghanaian Prophet Victor Kuse, and many other controversial testimonies and prophetic declaration by Prophet Makandiwa such as:

    • In 2014, Prophet Makandiwa was said to have performed a miracle on Namibian man who wanted his Manhood to be enlarge at his judgment night service.
    • Also in 2014, Makandiwa introduced what he called miracle working anointing oil which was meant to pave way for the economic advancement of his followers.
    • Prophet Makandiwa alleged that he saw the Covid19 pandemic out-break coming and he started prophesying about it since 2015/2016 before it finally broke-out in 2019.

    Prophet Makandiwa has been on the controversial side of the news ever since.


    Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa net worth is estimated around $150 million US dollars. His source of income is basically  his pastoral work and ministry. He was also rumored to have purchased a gold mine company from a Chinese firm, Ming-Chang, worth about $1.3 million US DollarS.


    Instagram: @emmanuelmakandiwa

    Facebook: @ProphetMakandiwa

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