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    Prayer for the persecuted :

    Our Father in heaven,
    we seldom know their names.

    Your people are under attack,
    but it’s hard to pray for them individually
    for there are so many, and they are
    oppressed in places
    beyond our knowledge.

    Yet we’re to remember them as though we
    ourselves were with them.

    As we go about our daily lives, remind us
    that somewhere today a believer is facing
    condemnation, coercion, intimidation,
    and discrimination.

    Some will be imprisoned in jails
    and cargo containers.
    Some will face torture.

    Somewhere today, Lord, a young person
    will be rejected by family and friends.

    Though we don’t know their names,
    we know the Name of their God.

    We implore You, Lord, on their behalf:
    Give them relief and release.
    Even more, strengthen them with power
    in their inner beings.

    Give them a testimony that cannot be
    denied and a fire that cannot be quenched.

    May they triumph over their
    prosecutors and persecutors.

    May Your Word spread to
    the ends of the earth.

    And prepare us to serve You without
    wavering, whether by life or by death.

    For Yours is the kingdom, and the power,
    and the glory forever.



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