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Powerful Prayers For Pastors And Leaders

    Pastors and leaders are not alone when it comes to the stresses that come with their job. In fact, in many ways, they have it worse than most people. It’s difficult enough to lead a congregation without feeling like you’re being pulled in too many directions at once. The last thing you need is for something else to go wrong as well! Thankfully, there are some prayers that can be used by pastors or leaders whenever they’re facing problems in their careers. Here are some examples of what you might pray for when you need help:

    Powerful Prayers For Pastors And Leaders

    1. A Prayer for a Leader’s Faith

    • Lord,

    I know that the calling of a pastor and leader is a difficult one. People seek your guidance, but they also expect you to have all the answers. I pray that you give me strength in my faith so that I can lead them well. May I never waver from trusting in your word, even when it doesn’t seem to match up with reality or other people’s expectations for me!

    2. A Prayer for Leaders to Walk in Wisdom

    Prayer for leaders to walk in wisdom

    Lord, I pray for you to give my leaders the insight and understanding of your will. May they be able to lead me with wisdom, compassion, and grace. Help them to know how to guide me when I am lost or confused. Give them discernment so they can see through the distractions of this world so can focus on the true needs around them. Enable them to have confidence in their decisions so that those who follow their leadership will believe in their ability as well as yours. May all their efforts be done according to your will and not for selfish purposes only; may all things work together for good so that by walking after wisdom we may win followers who are wise unto salvation (Romans 9:1-27).

    3. A Prayer for Courageous Leadership

    Pray for courage to do the right thing.

    In this dark time, when it is easy for Christians to be called cowards and when doing the right thing can literally cost you your life, pray for courage. Pray that God will give you and those around you strength in their faith and a desire to follow through on what they believe is right. This means praying for each other because we are all weak in our own ways. We need one another’s prayers if we want our voice heard above the din of injustice and hatred against us.

    4. A Prayer for Growth in Leadership

    As a leader, there is nothing more important than the growth of your team. Whether you are the pastor of a church or the head of an organization, it is crucial that your leadership increases in wisdom and effectiveness over time.

    In this prayer for leaders and pastors, you will pray for God’s wisdom as well as his guidance in your life and ministry. You may also desire to ask God to help you lead others effectively.

    You might pray “God, help me grow in my leadership! Help me lead my family well, leading them by example.” Or perhaps “God please give me wisdom so that I can help others be successful at work.” Lastly, “Lord please show me how best to lead my team!”

    5. A Short Prayer for Leadership

    • Pray for God’s will to be done.
    • Pray for God’s wisdom to guide you.
    • Pray for God’s strength to get through the day.
    • Pray for God’s protection from all evil, including the temptation of pride and greed.
    • Ask Him to help you find wise counselors and spiritual leaders who can support you in prayer and ministry (1 Timothy 3).

    6. These prayers will help lead you to pray for any person or group that you are leading spiritually.

    These prayers will help lead you to pray for any person or group that you are leading spiritually. As a pastor, this can be overwhelming at times. There are so many people I want to pray for and it’s hard to know where to start. These prayers can help give focus and clarity in your prayer life as a leader.

    The first three prayers (#1 – #3) are designed specifically for pastors, but the remaining five (#4-#8) have been written with all leaders in mind: teachers, coaches, parents, etc.


    As a pastor, leader, or employer, prayer is critical for your well-being. If you don’t take time to pray, it can negatively affect your spiritual health and the health of those you lead. By taking the time to pray regularly and build a prayer life that works for you, you’ll be able to keep tabs on what’s going on in your heart and mind so that it doesn’t get out of control. Praying with other people is also vital because it reminds us that we aren’t alone in this journey through life; someone else cares about our struggles just as much as they do their own!

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