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Powerful Prayers For My Sick Baby

    Finding out that your little one is sick can be one of the most frightening things a parent experiences. It’s hard to know what to do, or how to react when our babies are hurting. But as a parent, there is something you can do! That’s where prayer comes in. Powerful prayers for my sick baby will give you the blueprint for interceding for your child. Use these prayers as your own and adapt them as needed, or let them serve as examples for writing your own uplifting prayer for your child!

    Powerful Prayers For My Sick Baby

    1. Lord, I pray that you would give my baby health.

    You, Lord, are the source of all good things. You have given us life and every breath that we breathe. You have also given us health so that we may live long lives. I pray that you would give my baby’s body a chance to flourish and grow strong.

    Lord, please heal my child of whatever illness they are suffering from. Please relieve their pain so they can rest easy at night knowing that God has provided them with comfort and protection during the day!

    2. Lord, I ask that you would bring healing to my baby’s body.

    As you pray, ask God to bring healing to your baby’s body. Pray for His will to be done. Ask Him for His love and grace. Ask that He would give you peace during this time of uncertainty, and ask Him to protect you both from harm, whether physical or spiritual. Pray that He would guide your doctors in making the best decisions regarding their care of your child; let them know how much it means to you if they can offer positive feedback on his progress so far.

    Finally, pray that God would forgive any mistakes or failures that have led up to this moment in time; let go of resentment toward yourself or others who may have contributed in some way toward bringing about this situation—and do not let anger prevent you from asking for forgiveness when necessary!

    3. Lord, I pray that you would heal my baby’s mind.

    • Lord, I pray that you would heal my baby’s mind.
    • Please fill his mind with love, joy, peace, and patience.
    • Fill his heart with the Holy Spirit.
    • May he have faith in Jesus Christ and Wisdom to know how to live life according to God’s plan for him.

    4. Lord, please bring healing to my baby’s soul.

    As you pray for your child, be sure to include his or her mind. Pray that God will heal your baby’s soul, providing them with the wisdom and guidance they need to make good decisions and grow into spiritual maturity. Ask God to show you how best to teach your baby about the things of God so he or she can understand the truths of Scripture and apply those truths in their daily life.

    And don’t forget about your baby’s physical health as well! The Bible tells us that our bodies are temples of Christ (1 Corinthians 6:19), but it also tells us that we are each made by God from the dust of the earth (Genesis 2:7). So ask God for healing on all fronts—spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical—for each member of your family and every person who is dear to them.

    5. Lord, I thank you for the healing hand of Jesus upon my baby.

    • Lord, I thank you for the healing hand of Jesus upon my baby.
    • God is a healer.
    • God is a healer of all diseases.
    • God is a healer of all kinds of diseases.
    • God is a healer of all kinds of sicknesses.

    6. Pray for your child when they are sick, and thank God for the gifts He has given you in your child.

    The Bible tells us that God is the creator of all things. As a parent, you can thank God for your child’s life and health.

    When your baby has an illness, it is easy to focus on your own needs rather than those of your child. But God wants you to trust Him with these situations and be patient as He works through them. It may take time for the problem to be solved or may never be solved in this life—but that does not mean that it won’t be dealt with by Jesus at His return!

    Don’t worry about how long it takes for things to get better—just pray for good results from every prayer session with your baby!


    It can be a challenge to pray for a sick baby. It’s hard when your child is hurting and you’re not sure how you can help them. The best thing you can do is trust God and remember that He will take care of your little one, no matter what happens

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