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Powerful Prayers For Hard Times

    When times are tough, it can be the most powerful thing to turn to prayer.

    We should pray when we need things, but also when we are grateful. And we should pray even when we don’t know what else to do.

    It’s in those moments that prayer can bring us solace and peace as well as help us find a way through the darkness.

    Here are some uplifting prayers to help you find peace and joy during hard times:

    Powerful Prayers For Hard Times

    1. Prayer for Strength

    Pray for strength. If you’re trying to get through a difficult time in your life, ask God to give you strength. Ask Him to help you do the things that need to be done, and ask Him for the courage and determination required to do these things well.

    Pray for guidance, comfort, and healing. If your heart is heavy with grief or pain because something terrible has happened in your family or community, pray that God will offer His guidance as you seek answers and help others who are suffering too. Pray also for comfort in knowing that even though this tragedy may seem unbearable right now, there’s still hope ahead—and pray that those affected by it will find peace and healing when they need it most!

    2. Prayer for Healing

    Prayer for Healing

    • Remind yourself that healing is a process and give yourself time to heal. The best way to do this is by being patient with yourself and your healing process, but also having the fortitude to push through it.
    • Pray for comfort from others who have been there before you. If possible, connect with someone who has had similar experiences like yours, so they can offer helpful advice or just be a listening ear when you need one most.
    • Remember that sometimes we don’t feel like ourselves because there’s something wrong—not because we’re crazy!

    3. Prayer for Comfort

    To comfort a loved one: In times of grief and sorrow, it can be difficult to know what to say or how to act. Sometimes people are too overcome with emotion to even speak. These are the times when you need comfort the most—to have someone who understands you and wants nothing more than for you to be okay. While there is no way for one person alone to take away all your pain and fear, sometimes just having someone by your side will make all the difference in the world. Comforting words should come from a place of love and compassion—not pity or judgment. Here are some examples:

    • I am so sorry this happened to you
    • May God give you strength during this difficult time
    • May your heart heal quickly

    4. Prayer for Protection

    • Protection from evil:
    • “Lord, protect me from all evil.”
    • “In Jesus’ name, I command the devil to leave me alone.”
    • “My guardian angel is with me now! Lord, let no harm come near my family or friends.”

    5. Prayer for a Birth Mother

    Dear God,

    Please comfort the heart of [birth mother]. She is afraid and confused, but she is strong and capable. Please give her confidence in her ability to raise a child on her own. Comfort her in your love, for you know what’s best for both mother and child. Amen.

    6. Prayer for Family Unity

    • Give thanks to God for the family’s unity and harmony.
    • Pray that the family members will be strong and united in Jesus Christ.
    • Ask God to protect them from all forms of evil.

    7. Prayer to Confront Your Fears

    • Prayer for Courage to Confront Your Fears
    • Prayer for Strength to Overcome Your Fears
    • Prayer for Guidance to Help You Find the Courage to Confront Your Fears
    • Prayer for Help Overcoming Your Fears

    8. Pray to help you during hard times.

    • Pray for strength.
    • Pray for healing.
    • Pray for comfort.
    • Pray for protection.
    • Pray that your birth mother will choose life and an adoptive family who will love her child as their own; that the baby is born healthy, happy, and whole; and that you can be part of this journey toward adoption with all its joys and sorrows.


    We hope these prayers will give you a sense of peace and comfort during difficult times. You don’t have to be alone in your struggle. Even if you feel as though no one else understands what you’re going through, God does. He wants to help you, and he can use prayer as a powerful tool for healing. As the Bible says: “The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” (James 5:16 NIV)

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