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Powerful Prayer and Declaration Against Evil Garment

    In the world of spiritual battles, the “evil garment” can make us feel stuck in darkness, holding us back from our true selves. This blog post is a short and powerful guide, giving you a simple yet effective prayer and declaration to remove the negative clothes that might be covering your spirit. Come along on this quick journey to freedom, where we use the strength of prayer to get rid of the darkness and step into a bright, spiritual victory.

    No matter how beautifully you are dressed in the physical, you can be given rags to wear in the spiritual, and you may not know this. A garment, in the physical is whatever a person is wearing. So, also a garment in the spiritual realm. There are people who are wearing beautiful garments in the physical realm but in the spirit realm they are wearing garments of rejection, ugliness, condemnation, widowhood, sorrow, stagnancy, bad luck, shame, evil, disgrace, ridicule, poverty, hatred, backwardness, demotion, retardation, trouble, sickness, infirmity, and untimely death, etc.
    You need to cry out to God to change your garment if you notice that your life is not moving forward or something is always pulling you down from a place of prominence.

    Powerful Prophetic Declaration Against Evil Garment

    • O Lord arise and change my garment, in the name of Jesus.
    •  O Lord, arise and put upon me your garment of glory in the name of Jesus.
    • O Lord put upon me your garment of honor, in the name of Jesus.
    • Get ready, God is about to turn your adversity to advantage
    • No devil will be able to sell your body parts in Jesus’ Name
    • Everything that is an affliction in your body is retrieved and refired back to hell
    • This heavy seal of Divine preservation that is at the back of this commission will preserve you everywhere you go; You are untouchable!
    • Anything you were born without, what others have that you don’t have, God is putting it in your body
    • Everyone called barren, tonight is the last day they will call you barren
    • Whatever followed you from your mother’s womb that is negative expires tonight
    • One encounter tonight will wipe away every negative thing in your blood
    • A demonic throne has just been overturned, a principality is fallen, an ancient river is drying up right now
    • A death sentence has just been cancelled
    • From today, everything that is grounded in your life is rising and running
    • Everything my Father in Heaven has not planted in your body is uprooted now
    • Anything that has put your life under pressure, the power of God visits them and you are free in Jesus’ Name
    • Everything abnormal in your life is normal by the anointing of the Holy Ghost
    • Everything paralysed around you is rising and running
    • Everything that is a load in your life that you have not been able to carry, Jehovah God carries it for you
    • As you are busy with kingdom assignment in this season, God will give you a testimony
    • Tonight is your night of deliverance and freedom
    • Anything that will make people ask where is your God, today it shall be reversed
    • Any man or woman that says your life must be put to shame by all means, every altar of your lineage wanting to baptise your life with shame shall catch fire tonight
    • The shame members of your family saw, you will never see
    • God will use you to make your father’s name come out
    • You cannot be wretched
    • Everything in your body that wants you to look pitiable by all means is roasted by fire
    • Every garment making you a sick person, identifying you as a sick person, that garment is set on fire by the Anointing
    • Every garment of infirmity, ancestral disease ends tonight
    • Everything they have put on your body for sorrow and depression is set on fire!
    • Premature death, disappointments and marital failure is over
    • Everyone suffering from depression, today it is set on FIRE!
    • Every embargo placed on your life and destiny is lifted
    • Everything that puts your life under pressure to do the wrong thing is uprooted
    • Everything hanging around the destiny of the nation is set on fire
    • Your dark days are over; the Lord will shine His light upon your path in Jesus’ Name
    • God will make you an evidence in your family, office and community
    • The grace to live right, to live for God and do His will is released upon you in Jesus’ Name
    • Every evil garment that I am wearing that is magnetizing problems to my life, catch fire, in the name of Jesus.
    • Every problem in my life coming from evil garments, be destroyed by the blood of Jesus.
    • Blood of Jesus nullify the effect of every evil garment upon my life, in the name of Jesus

    Powerful Prayer Against Evil Garment

    Father, we come before You today in agreement against every evil garment; garments of shame and reproach, garments of wretchedness and poverty, garments of disfavour in our lives, families, community and Nation and we command you garments to catch FIRE IN Jesus’ Name.

    Father, I have discovered that there is a garment of shame, reproach and disgrace that exists in my life and I reject it. The garments of poverty and wretchedness and empty-handedness, you have no place in my life as a royal of the Lord. O you garments of poverty and wretchedness and empty-handedness, you have no place in my life. Catch FIRE now in Jesus’ Name

    Father, I have discovered that there is a garment of disease and affliction, a garment of sorrow, mourning and affliction but I reject them. By the decree of the Most High, you garment of affliction and disease, you have no place in my life. You garments of depression, sorrow, mourning and sackcloth you have no place in our community, in our region and in our nation. I command you to catch FIRE in Jesus’ Name

    Father, I discovered the garment of widowhood and the garment of captivity, limitation, restriction and embargo in my life and I reject it. By the decree of the Most High that took the garment of Joshua the high priest, by that same decree, I receive the mandate to cast you off my life, my family, community and our nation. Catch Fire in Jesus’ Name

    Father, I discovered the existence of the garment of filthiness, of impurity and I reject it today. Every garment of sinful bondage on my life, on my destiny today is your end. By the decree of the Most High that removed the filthy garment from Joshua the high priest, I make demands on that same decree to remove every evil garment from my life. I deploy the Fire of the Holy Ghost on every garment of filthiness in my life, family and in our Nation. O you garment of filthiness, catch FIRE now in Jesus’ Name.

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