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    This article on Philip Wagner and the Wife Holly Wagner is designed to answer the following questions:

    1. Who is Philip Wagner?
    2. What does Philip Wagner do?
    3. Who is Philip Wagner’s wife?
    4. How Old is Philip Wagner’s wife Holly Wagner?
    5. How many children does Philip Wagner have?
    6. What is Philip Wagner’s net worth?

    Who is Philip Wagner?

    Phillip Wagner is the  Co-Founder and  CEO of (a non profit Organization).  Philip and his wife Holly Wagner are the Founding and lead Pastors at Oasis Church LA.

    Philip Wagner Biography

    Philip Wagner was born on the 30th day of May 1953 to Eddie Wagner and Betty Kurowski .

    He holds a Bachelor of Arts from the Vision Christian University and did his graduate work at the Fuller Theological Seminary.

    The 69 year old pastor was called early into ministry but did not venture into until later when he met his wife, Holly.

    Philip wagner Age

    Pastor Philip Wagner was born on the 30th Day of April 1953. Accordingly, as of 2022, pastor Wagner is 69 years old. Wagner’s birthday comes up on the 30th day of April every year.

    Philip Wagner wife Holly Wagner

    You cannot talk about Philip Wagner without talking about his wife. Pastor Wagner is happily married to his partner Holly Wagner.

    Philip and Holly Wagner of the Oasis Church got married in January 12, 1985 and thus have been married for over 30 years.

    Both have been supportive to each other. They co-founders and co-lead pastors of Oasis Church LA. They are also co-founders of the non-profit organisation called


    Holly Wagner grew up in Venezuela, Indonesia and England and later relocated to Los Angeles. In  Los Angeles,  she worked as an actress in films and television for over 10 years. Holly is a renowned author and  has written several books .  Her books include: GodChicks, Daily Steps for GodChicks. Holly has been featured on many TV shows including The View, Praise the Lord, the 700 Club, and Dick Clark’s The Other Half.

    Philip and Holly Wagner have remarkable passion is to see couples flourish in their marriages/relationships and they ensure this through seminars, conferences and books. The couple has co-authored  a number of books , the latest is titled Love Works. They’ve written books on dating, love, and mending marriages.

    The duo are founders of a non-profit water organization which is focused on the provision of clean, healthy water for the under-privileged.

    Philip and Holly Wagner children

    The marriage of Philip and Holly Wagner is blessed with two children named Paris  who was born in August 26, 1991 and Jordan born May 17, 1987. The couple live in Los Angeles, CA  with their children.


    Phillip Wagner was called to ministry very early in life, however, he chose to ignore it and became involved in some other area of ministry. He went on to become a music leader, a youth director, an assistant pastor, and then I wanted to start this church.

    It was not until he met his wife, Holly that he knew that he really needed to be in ministry. Coincidentally and luckily, his wife had the same calling as well.

    The oasis church planted 30 years ago, began as a small Bible study in Beverly Hills with about ten people .  According to Pastor Wagner, the church  started with about thirty people. It took a little while to figure out who they were and how they wanted to do ministry. He said that at first he had copied people who he  admired.

    Oasis is known for its local and global outreach to the impoverished; especially orphans and widows, and funding clean water projects. The church is also known for its racial diversity and according to Pastor Wagner, there is no racial majority in the church.

    Pastor Philip Wagner is a public speaker and has spoken in churches and at seminars around the world. He is a known author and blogger and has been a a source of inspiration to  people who are keen on living their best life.  – discovering and reaching God’s purpose for their life.

    Philip Wagner church Oasis Church

    Oasis Church has grown and recently moved to a new location on Wilshire Blvd. The new location is  in a building which  is a Los Angeles historic landmark built in 1926. It was designed by architect Robert H. Orr. It was listed as Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument #209 in 1979.

    In 2010, the church had more than three thousand members and It is known for the racial diversity of its fellowship. The Hollywood Walk of Fame for Jesus Christ which was unveiled in 1998, with the intention of creating a “Walk of Faith”, was sponsored by Oasis Church. The star was located in front of one of the church’s previous locations.

    Wagner has been featured on several TV channels and online platforms, such as TBN, CBN, Day Star, NY Times,  EOnline, and Forbes.

    Philip Wagner Books 

    1. Unlock Your Dream: Discover the Adventure You Were Created For Dec 20, 2016
    2. Love Works: Develop Healthy Relationships in a “Love Broken” World
    3. The Marriage Makeover: 10 Days to a Stronger, More Intimate Relationship


    There is no available information on how much the Oasis Pastor is worth. However, it is  reported that his wife Holly, is worth about $1.5 million.


    You can connect and follow Pastor Philip Wagner on the following social media platforms:

    Twitter @PhilipWagnerLA

    Facebook @Philip Wagner

    Instagram @philipwagnerla

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