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PERRY STONE BOOKS: Best 20 life changing Books By Bishop Perry Stone (Highly recommended)

    Bishop Perry Stone Books: Perry Stone is a famous and bestselling author of numerous books, including The Code of the Holy Spirit and How to Interpret Dreams and Visions.

    Perry Stone

    He directs one of America’s fastest-growing ministries, The Voice of Evangelism. An international evangelist, Perry holds a BA in theology from Covenant Life Christian College. Perry Stone book has the unique characteristic of being apt and educative.

    He has created a remarkable impact in his writing career. Below is the list of Perry Stone’s top 20 books highly recommended for you knowledge and spiritual growth.


    • Angels on Assignment (2009): The Mizpah covenant in the scripture is discussed in this book. The covenant allows for angels to protect and assist our families and us. In this book, Perry Stone helps us to understand that each and every human being on earth has an angel assigned to him/her. He also discusses the various assignments these angels have and things that can offend them and keep them from serving their purposes in our lives.
    • How to Interpret Dreams and Visions: Understanding God’s Warnings and Guidance (2011): As the name suggests, the book helps us to discern if our dreams are messages, warnings or guidance from God. He discussed dreams and visions in the scriptures and what they symbolized. Perry also answered several dream related questions in this book.


    • Breaking The Jewish Code (2009): In “breaking the Jewish code” Perry Stone emphasizes the secret of  the secrets to the prosperity and success of the Jews and how they were able to thrive and flourish for more thousands of years. By applying some of the principles of the Jews and imitating some of their lifestyles and practices, we too can build our faith, become wealthy and live in good health and ultimately thrive like the Jews under various circumstances.


    • Secrets From Beyond The Grave (2010): In the 248 pages of this book, Perry Stone uncovered a lot of mysteries relating to hell, heaven and eternity. He discusses the afterlife and answers various questions about death and where our souls go when we die. Perry employs knowledge from the bible as well as spiritual insight to reveal what life after death would be (afterlife).


    • The Code Of The Holy Spirit: Uncovering The Hebraic Roots and Historic Presence of The Holy Spirit (2013): What do you know about the Holy Spirit? How does he work? Perry Stone brings to light the person of the Holy Spirit from the scriptures of the Old Testament. The book gives a deeper understanding of the Holy Spirit to Christians. He talks about his significance, anointing and even blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.


    • Purging Your House, Pruning Your Family Tree (2011): Perry Stone details demonic spirits and how they can infiltrate a family and how these demonic activities can cause conflict, lack of love, misunderstanding in the family. He reveals Satan’s strategies and how he can attack a family. The book is a guide on how to ride homes and families of the influence of demonic activities.


    • Exposing Satan’s Playbook: The Secrets and Strategies Satan Hopes You Never Discover (2012): This book uncovers Satan’s plan to keep God’s children from knowing their worth and who they really are in the kingdom of God. Here Perry Stone answers questions about Satan and the various strategies Satan employs. This book aids Christians to understand the power they have as Christians as well as spiritual warfare and how to overcome the power of darkness.


    • Unleashing The Beast: The Coming Fanatical Dictator and His Ten-Nation Coalition (2009): Perry stone shows how various prophecies in the bible are already taking place in the world now. From the terrorist attacks to the global crisis and various other upheavals across the world. He also discusses Islamic traditions in relation to biblical prophecies and how they suggest the coming of a kingdom and a global dictator who will seize the world.


    • The Meal That Heals: Enjoying Intimate, Daily Communion with God (2006): Perry Stone talks in his book “the meal that heals’ talks about the Jewish Passover, how common a practice it was in the early times and how Jesus death on the cross changed this ancient practice. In our communion with God we are expected to remember the sacrifice of God, which he did out of love for us. When we share communion with God, we experience the healing power of his sacrifice.


    • There’s a Crack In Your Armour: Key Strategies to Stay Protected and Win Your Spiritual Battles (2014): In these 272paged book, Perry Stone talks about Christians and the spiritual armour they’re given to protect them from supernatural forces. Perry seeks to remind ignorant Christians of their armour and how they can use it successfully in any warfare to conquer and achieve victory.


    • This Season of Angels: Angelic Assignments During This Prophetic Season (2018): In this book, Perry Stone discusses the important purposes of angels and their relationship to major prophetic seasons. He used deep truths from the scriptures as well as spiritual encounters from his own life to uncover the mystery surrounding angels and their purposes/significance.


    • Angels Among Us: What The Bible Reveals About Angelic Encounters (2019): This book discusses how angels communicate with us and their purpose in our lives. Here Perry Stone tells us about angels being God’s armies and how they battle against powers of darkness. He also goes on to answer various controversial and frequently asked questions surrounding angels.


    • The Eighth Kingdom: How Radical Islam Will Impact the End Times (2015): Perry Stone paints a picture of what will happen in the end time as he answers a lot of frequently asked questions pertaining to how the current events such as terrorism, global crisis etc. relate to the nearing of the end time. He talks about the coming of the eight empire also referred to as the kingdom of the beast and how some biblical prophecies link to the Islam tradition and ultimately the coming of the eight empire.


    • Lay It On Me (INSP Version) (2017): Ruth’s story is told here and how she received the full measure of God’s blessings. Perry Stone emphasizes on how people are only enjoying thirty-fold level of blessings whereas God has a one hundred-fold level of blessings accessible and available to those who can imitate the lifestyle of Ruth. The fruit of God’s favour is discussed and how with God’s favour we are exalted above our current situations.


    • The Secret to Answered Prayer: 25 Insights for Effective Prayers with Powerful Results (2017): Perry Stone puts together various teachings about prayers and how to avoid stumbling as a Christian in this book. He combines examples from his life with the scriptures as well as knowledge gained from prayer warriors to help his readers discover different types of prayers, the various laws for answered prayers and even the prayers to pray when one’s family encounter trouble.


    • Angels, Demons, and Spiritual Warfare: How to Protect Yourself From Spiritual Attack (2016): In this book, Perry Stone dives into spiritual forces and powers. He uncovers who Satan is, the various abilities of Satan and what he does, his weapons and how Christians can equip themselves for spiritual warfare and conquer. The book teaches Christians how to and encourage them to strengthen their spirituality in order to attain victory in spiritual warfare.


    • The Judas Goat: How to Deal With False Friendships, Betrayals, and the Temptation Not to Forgive (2013): Perry Stone teaches in this book how to handle betrayal in a God like way and resist the temptation to not forgive. He makes an illustration with the Judas goat that is raised amongst sheep and how it leads them to the slaughterhouse after eating and living with the sheep for a considerable long amount of time. Perry stone also dives into and discusses the critical dangers of unforgiveness in this book.


    • Chronicles Of The Sacred Mountain (2015): In his book “Chronicles of the sacred mountain” Perry Stone unlocks and uncovers various heavenly mysteries and answers probing questions relating to heaven such as judgement days, reuniting with loved ones in heaven, human spirits roaming the earth and a general idea of what heaven look like as well as the general relationship that exists there.


    • Scarlet Threads: How Women of Faith Can Save Their Children, hedge in Their Families, and Help Change the Nation (2014): Perry Stone ins “Scarlet Threads” draws to light the journey of various prayerful women in the bible that had a good relationship with God. The story off Rahab and the scarlet thread, which was a symbol of her covenant with God, was also discussed. The power of praying women was evident in the bible as they found favour in the sight of God and were blessed by him. He encourages women to take after the prayerful women in the bible as their prayers save their children and families.


    • Opening the Gates of Heaven: Walk in the Favour of Answered Prayer and Blessing (2012): Perry stone combines examples of the lives of some biblical characters and personal examples from his own life to reveals how to unlock heavens blessings. The book teaches us to walk in God’s favour in order to witness miracles from God and an overflow of his blessings.
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