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    VICTORIA OSTEEN SERMON UNITY IN THE BODY OF CHRISTPastor Victoria Osteen in this sermon tells us a story and links it to unity in the body of Christ, she said, The other day, Joel and I, we needed to get out a little bit, it was in the evening and a lot of times we’ll go ride bikes and get a little exercise, so we thought, “well, let’s just get on our bikes and let’s go out and see how far we can go.” we usually have a certain path that we take, so we headed out in that direction, and we get to this one intersection and it’s a large, four-way intersection with lights governing the cars but when we got to this main intersection, we saw that there was about six policemen out there overriding the lights. They were actually moving the cars through the intersection, letting the people go safely through the intersection, and as we were waiting our turn, I was looking from a distance and I was noticing those officers, and I thought to myself, isn’t it interesting that they can be far apart, they’re moving the cars through, but they’re working in such unity together? And they’ve got this communication as they’re working together, and I could see that their major goal was to move the people through safely so the traffic will flow and to keep everyone at peace.


    Through this flooding, we’ve had detours all over the city and the traffic is horrible. So, these guys were literally moving this traffic through, keeping peace, no road rage at that intersection. Nobody was telling anyone how they felt with hand signs because those officers were doing such a good job. So, I stood there amazed and I realised the strength in that whole process was unity, communication, working together, that’s why the traffic was flowing, and the people were safe, and it was a peaceful situation.


    You see, we, the church of the living God, should have the same goal to work in unity with one another, to be under the same bond of peace. Our main goal should be to move people safely, into the arms of Jesus. You see, the traffic was a difficult situation, but because they had the ability to unite together, that difficult situation was made easier.


    Can you imagine if one of those officers said, “you know, I want my this car to go through. No, I don’t want to wait my turn. I like this green car. I want it to go through.” what would happen if the other one was going, “well, no, I want mine to go through”? But you know what? They did it, they put themselves aside and they stood in unity. You see, that’s what we have to do as a church.


    if we’re going to rise up to the levels that God is calling us to, we’re going to have to put our selfishness, our pride, our own agendas aside and say, “we’re going to come together in unity under the blood of Jesus Christ through the bond of peace.”


    when God was taking the children of Israel out of Egypt, the night that he was getting them prepared for the passover, he instructed them to take a sacrificial lamb, and he instructed them to sacrifice that lamb, and to take that blood and to put it over their doorpost.


    each family took the blood of the lamb and put it over their doorpost, he instructed them to prepare themselves because in the morning, they were leaving Egypt. it was going to be a mass exodus out of the pharaoh’s hand and his army. this was it, the power of the enemy was going to be broken.


    But can I tell you one thing? Do you know what their common bond was? You know why they able to escape the power of the enemy, the thing that brought them together, the sameness, the oneness? it was the blood. it was the blood over the doorpost that distinguished them as the army of God, as God’s great people and allowed them to move out of Egypt. it was the blood that parted the red sea, it was the power of oneness in their life.



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