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Pastor Travis Simons: Biography, Church, Wife, Children, Family, Net Worth

    Pastor Travis Simons: Biography, Church, Wife, Children, Family, Net Worth:

    Travis Jarrell Simons is a young and vibrant American Preacher, Motivational speaker, life coach, Lecturer, mentor, leadership and relationship consultant as well as an Associate Pastor of The Potter’s House Church.

    Travis Jarrell Simons


    Travis J Simons is American young and vibrant preacher. He was born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina, United State of America. We don’t have information about his actual year of birth, however Pastor Travis Simons was born on the 8th day of March and he celebrates his birthday on the same  8th March every year.

    Travis was brought up in a very devoted Christian home his father was the pastor of their local church. At the beginning, Travis wanted to become a footballer but  unfortunately he had an accident which ended his football career when he was 17. This time of introspection gave him the drive to find his calling, helping and teaching people.  According to Pastor Travis Simons, everything in your life will teach you one of two things; “what to do” or “what not to do”.

    Pastor Travis Simons Biography


    Travis Simons is born to the family of  Rev. Willie and his mother, Mrs. Patricia Simon. Travis’s father Rev. Willie Simons was the then pastor of their rural church in Columbia. Rev. Willie died in 2020, as a result of ill health.


    Pastor Travis Jarrell Simons was born to his parents in Columbia, South Carolina.


    At the time of writing this article, the exact age / year of birth of Travis J Simon is inknown. However it is known that he was born on the 8th  March and he celebrates his birthday on the 8th day of March every year.


    Travis J Simon is a cum laude graduate of Claflin University where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Religion and Philosophy. He also acquired his Master of Divinity degree from Duke Divinity School.


    Pastor Travis Jarrell Simons is happily married to Nina Simons.

    Travis Simons wife Nina Simons
    Travis Simons wife Nina Simons



    Pastor Travis Jarrell Simons and his beautiful wife Nina have four lovely children; named;  Sydney Marie Simons, Isaiah Simons, Mason Simons, and Mariah Simons.

    Travis Simons Children
    Travis Simons, wife and Children


    Pastor Travis Simon currently has no ministry of his own. He presently pastors at Potter’s House Church Dallas where he acts as the director of Brickhouse, a young adult ministry at Bishop T.D Jakes ministry.

    Travis is a very Vibrant and passionate public speaker and also a counselor. He is the fourth generation in his linage to accept the call to ministry. Pastor Simons was called by God at the age of 19 and at that age, he became a youth Pastor. As a preacher and a public speaker, Pastor Travis always advocate for the younger generations.

    According to him, he believes wholeheartedly that churches and ministries in every boundary of denomination and ethnicity must create a space for younger people. He said the most rewarding part for working in the ministry is seeing young adult achieving their goals and dreams. Therefore his focus is to provide programs, services and resources that will prepare young people to successfully carry out  their own purpose and God ordained plan for their lives. His top mantra in life concerning success,is based on his quote, “If we’re going to be successful then we have to be faithful to where we’re called right now” .

    Pastor Travis Simon has committed his life to empowering young adults by creating an enabling environment and culture, making the youths  feel they have a voice in the church and the community at large. According to Pastor Travis, God has called him to help young people actualized their dreams in life.

    Pastor Travis Simons Potter's House Church

    Pastor Travis Simon of Potter’s House Church has advised and encourages the youths to learn as much as they can about themselves, their faith and their profession during these early critical years that they are still young. Pastor Travis Simons believes that his brand is one of a young man who is passionate about his faith and has been called to help his peers reach beyond every limitation and soar. To him, “we won’t have time to get ready” he says. We have to be ready.


    Some sermons preached by Pastor Travis J Simon

    • Dreams Do Comes Through
    • Help Is On The Way
    • The Rebuild
    • Do It Anyway
    • The Truth About Trust

    You can check him on YouTube to access many of his preaches.


    There’s no any viable information about Pastor Simon net worth right now. We believe he earns a very good source of income as the associate pastor at Potter’s House and also as a lecturer and a public speaker.



    Instagram: @travis_simons

    Twitter: @travis_simons

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