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Pastor Touré Roberts Sermon: The Evidence of God: Open, Says Me!

    Pastor Touré Roberts Sermon The Evidence of God: Open, Says Me! : We are happy to bring to you this new and inspiring sermon from One Online which is a Potters House Church . Pastor Touré Roberts who has remained devoted in his work of the spread of the gospel shares this new sermon titled  “The Evidence of God: Open, Says Me!” and it is a sermon you will achieve a whole lot listening to. . Pastors Touré Roberts has dedicated his life, voice, and resources to creating transformational experiences that activate one’s True self resulting in a deeper relationship with God.

    The senior pastor of ‘One Online Church’ and a well known Bible teacher while commenting further on this message took to Instagram to write:

    Your life was designed to unlock and open things in the earth!

    In today’s teaching I unpack this powerful truth and show you how to walk out your calling as an “opener”

    Toure Roberts says that he believes that God is going to open up something to you, a new dimension of you by the power of his word is going to be absolutely incredible.

    He said he is so grateful for our movement, so grateful for the worship and grateful for you. Pastor Toure reminded us that we are in the series called the evidence of God and that God has been speaking to us only that most of us have not made ourselves available to Him.

    listen, Watch and learn from this sermon by Pastor Touré Roberts: “The Evidence of God: Open, Says Me!”  and stay tuned as we bring the latest Sunday sermons from One which is formally known as The Potters House At One LA.

    Above all, may we praye and make effort that the word of God we hear shall make manifest and positive impact in our lives.

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