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    PASTOR TD JAKES SERMON March 11 2022 : Pastor T.D Jakes said, don’t fail to prepare for what’s next because you’re trying to get what was, when the grape comes through the crushing, it knows it will never be a grape again but it will be wine

    how do you bury normal, we got to see normal disappear right in front of our face, it is not normal to preach in an empty church, it is not normal to be afraid of somebody when they cough, it is not normal to be reluctant to shake a hand and we have seen the memorial of normal, which leaves us without a compass to understand how do we get back and what do we get back to and what does normal look like in this current environment.

    once a grape’s been crushed, you could never get the juice back in the grape, so from that moment forward, that traumatic experience of having the pulp shatter the skin, lacerate and the juice emerge, it signifies that grape will never be the same again

    Bishop T.D Jakes suggests to us, there will be no normal to go back to, there may be a new normal, but the normal that we grew up with will never be quite the same again, it has changed the way we eat, it has changed the way we shop, it has changed the way we travel, it has changed how we receive packages, it has changed the way we do business, it has changed every aspect of our life, it has changed the way we educate our children, it has changed the way we go to the mall or don’t go, it has changed the way we get Christmas gifts or don’t get them, it has changed everything and that’s what happens when you’re making wine.

    it changes everything, all hopes of being a grape is gone, if you’re going to be wine, if you’re going to be wine, you got to be willing to give up being. We have a difficult time accepting change because we are so in love with what was that we’re not willing to explore what is.

    we are in a situation where God has allowed something to come and crush our normal and get us out of our normal and all of a sudden we are afraid, never realizing that what’s in front of you is always better than what’s behind you, that it’s better to be wined than to be grapes.

    When you are wine and not grapes, you don’t have to worry about insects you don’t have to worry about weather conditions, you don’t have to worry about locusts you don’t have to worry about disease, you don’t have to worry about fungus, you don’t have to worry about problems that whenever God disrupts you, it’s only because he’s got something better for you.

    In the height of the disruption he said something to me that i thought was very important, he said when you pray for change, i always answer with disruption because you cannot have change without disruption.

    You can’t have a baby without disruption and whenever you ask for change, you’ve got to be prepared for disruption, if you plant an oak tree in the earth, it’s going to disrupt the soil if you plant a peach tree in the soil is going to disrupt the ground there’s no way you can have growth without disruption.

    Pastor T.D Jakes said, God said to me, when you say change I send disruption, but don’t let the disruption become a distraction.


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