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When You Don’t Feel God… | Pastor Steven Furtick Sermon

    Pastor Steven Furtick When You Don’t Feel God : The low times in our lives when we feel like God is not with us, enables us to appreciate the moments when he is with us. God sometimes uses moments when we cannot feel him, to slow us down, so we don’t go into foolishness thinking its faith. He sobers and humbles us. Darkness and low times are not always bad; the women in the bible went to check on Jesus in the dark.

    There is a type of darkness, sadness or feeling low that you shouldn’t run from, because they are the type you work through that leads you to a greater light.

    Undo the thought that low times are always terrible, almost welcome the feeling that God has left you, it might take a while and some reinforcement with scriptures and self evaluation but you should welcome the feeling. The reason is because the greatest proof of the power of God was when Jesus wasn’t there. Just like when the women went to look for Jesus’s body and upon getting there he was a missing because he had risen, the miracle of the resurrection of Jesus was to the women a missing Jesus.

    Sometimes you might feel like everyone has abandoned you, but keep in mind that without these thorns, we might be so lost that we would loose sight of God, that’s why we should welcome the torments.

    Bible verse for this teaching

    2nd Corinthians 12-7


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