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Compiled Top Inspiring Sermons by Pastor Steven Furtick 2022

    Pastor Steven Furtick Sermons 2022 : Pastor Steven Furtick is the lead pastor of Elevation church and the husband of Holly Furtick. He has remained absolutely committed in his service in the Lord’s vineyard. He has contributed immensely towards the spiritual growth and development of thousands of people worldwide through his sermons and way of life generally.

    For ease of accessment . we have taken time to carefully select the best of Steven Furtick sermon for this year 2022. Accordingly, if you are looking for the selection of best sermons by Steven Furtick and Steven Furtick sermons transcript, we are happy to inform you that we have all that provided for you here. As you take your religious tour through Pastor Steven Furtick Sermons 2022, may God bless his words in your hearts and grant you all your heart desires.

    Below are the top and most inspiring sermons by Steven Furtick of Elevation Church 2022



    As more as we love to talk about Jesus’ divinity, when he came in the form of man he was exhausted just like man. Jesus was tired, the direct route is sometimes the divine route. Instead of hiding the fact that you’re tired, you just say, “God I’m tired.” It’s hard to understand someone if you only see one part of their journey. Some people who we think are weak maybe they are weary! And just because you’re weak doesn’t mean you’re weary. Jesus was going about teaching the gospel but after a few hours, he said something we weren’t expecting to hear; he said “I am tired.”

    Christ’s journey didn’t start at Bethlehem, John 1:1 says “In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God and the word was God. And the word became flesh.” That’s a long trip. From the sapphire seal of heaven to the dusty streets of Samaria, of course he was tired!

    When you get too tired you start fighting battles that don’t matter to distract you from the ones that do. Perfection got tired. Faith doesn’t prevent fatigue; it just gives you a place to sit. Jesus sat by the well; here is the important thing what well do you sit by when you’re tired.



    The Devil’s job is trying to figure out in your life is; “What can I put in big, bold letters across the top of your story that will mislead you away from ministry and away from purpose, and away from the real meaning of life?” If you let him, the Enemy would sit at the Editor’s desk of your life, and he’ll take the facts of what happened to you, and the facts of what you’ve been through, and he’ll suggest all of this in your mind. By the way, you’re not looking for a guy with a pitchfork, you’re looking for a guy who look and sounds like you. This is how he does it. He gets inside your mind, and hits you with thoughts that make you question things. The devil is liar! You don’t get to control your story but you do get to choose the headlines. You don’t get to select the script of your story, Ask Joseph; he wouldn’t have chosen to be thrown into the pit, he would never have chosen to be falsely accused of rape, and certainly didn’t chose to go to prison. Yet all these things happened, and all of these things were traumatic, but they were not defining.

    You need a dream to drive your decisions, you need a dream to drive you towards your destiny. What you don’t need at this point in your life is the details of that dream. Sometimes you don’t know the details of the dream, you’ll just know that the dream is in development. Joseph refused to let the enemy be the editor of his life.

    Pastor Steven Furtick Sermons 2022



    In the book of Ruth chapter one, the Bible recorded that when Naomi and Ruth arrived in Bethlehm, there was a stir in town, and people were asking “Can this be Naomi?” “Don’t call me Naomi,” she told them. “Call me Mara, because the Almighty has made my life very bitter,”

    Naomi was carrying so much pain that she decided to change her name, her identity was no longer spoken by God, but by her experiences. She lost two sons and a husband; she had every reason to say this. But Chapter 2 displays the goodness of God, Naomi took Ruth to work in the field of her relative, and something amazing happened. You call it stuff like coincidence, that’s the name God goes by when he doesn’t want you to know it’s him yet. Coincidence is just God in a costume. When Ruth met Boaz, she asked him “Why have I found such favor in your eyes?” The principle in that scripture is that; the one who seeks finds.  You can be at loss for words, you can be at loss for money, you can be at loss for knowledge, but one thing about this lens, you have to admit is, it doesn’t get much worse. Many of us are gong around to find misery, the minute we see potential misery, we feed it. We nurse it, until it takes over and we are depressed at the end of the day, praying for God to give us peace.

    Being bitter is not a personality type, it’s a decision. You need to ask God to show you what’s his will for your life? Ruth wasn’t looking for Boaz, she was looking for barely. You can always find fruit in somebody else’s field that you can’t see in your own.

    Pastor Steven Furtick Sermons 2022



    In Genesis 50:14-21, Joseph was returning to Egypt with a convoy, after they buried his father (Jacob). Now that his father was dead, his brothers felt he would punish them for the wrong they have done against him. They came up with a story, telling Joseph that their father before he died wanted hm to forgive them. The Bible recorded that Joseph wept, and his tears were no because his father died; he cried because he realized that his brothers had not changed. But something spectacular happened in that scripture; his brothers fell on their face saying “We are your slaves” but Joseph answered and said “Don’t be afraid. Am I in the place of God?” Joseph promised to provide for them and their children.

    The position we’re in influences the decisions we make, the easiest way to explain it is parenting.  When you start doing stuff as a parent that you hated as a kid, and you turn around then you realize that you sound just like your parent. It is because you are now in a position that not only you have to provide but also protect the lives you treasure so much.

    Within every event there is a decision, hearing a sermon is an event, but sharing it with someone that needs it is a decision. We have to stop blaming so much stuff in our lives. Joseph is a model. We have to stop blaming the events and start making the decisions God is calling us to make within the events that can empower us to move forward or else we will always be a slave to what happened.

    Joseph had a decision to make, it was an emotional moment for him. Genesis 50:20 says “What you mean for evil, God means for good”. His father was dead, and the only thing that can keep him being kind to his brothers is how he views his relationship with God, because his relationship with them is obviously never going to change. Joseph was in a place of influence but he moved past all the wrong his brother had done to him and told them God meant it for good.

    Pastor Steven Furtick Sermons 2022



    We don’t taste life as a meal. We experience the ingredients in isolation. In God’s mind your life is a meal. When somebody has been through what Naomi went through in the Bible, you don’t tell them. “It’ll come together.” How can you replace her boys? It’s like this sometimes in your life, when this kind of bitterness hits your heart, you don’t even want to hear about anything better from anybody, not from preachers, not from teachers. When you taste the ingredient in isolation, it would be lying to say, “That’s delicious.” You need a meal to have a savory taste. People look sour in church because what they went through that week didn’t taste good. You are trying to praise God with a taste of disappointment and fear in your mouth.

    You get to tell God certain things you want him to do. “God, I want you to grow me, mature me, bless me.” You can say all that to God but you don’t get to tell hm how to do it.  You need to get out of God’s kitchen! Let him make a fine meal out of you. Stop asking God to bring back people who were supposed to go. Get out of the kitchen! Stop asking God to take away the thorn he left there on purpose so that you could know him. Let God do the mixing, get out of that kitchen.


    You may have personal issues; you should have a personal God. You may have fears, and personal phobias; but have a personal God. Making Jesus Christ your Lord and personal savior means he is Lord whether you say he is or not, but when it gets personal to you, that means you go to him to save you, not a pill bottle. It means you go to him to save you, not a plastic card where you spend money you don’t have to buy stuff you don’t need to impress people.

    Keeping faith sometimes mean believing God in a face of a bad report. In Jairus case while he was still talking to Jesus, he received a bad report that the situation got worse. Desperate situations will cause you to do things differently than you did them when you thought you had all of the answers and everything you needed, and had it all figured out. In following Jesus, you will find yourself in moments of weakness and moments of strength, moments of knowledge and in moment of ignorance, in moments of high and moments of low.

    Jairus was desperate so he left his high position, he did something risky. He had to cut through the crowd to do something, and it worked until the interruption. We all have goals, we all have dreams, and some things like roadblocks stop those dreams from becoming a reality. The crowd was Jairus roadblock but he didn’t let that stop him, he had to find Jesus because he knew that it was only Jesus that could give him the relief he was seeking. And while he was yet speaking, they brought a bad report.

    Pastor Steven Furtick Sermons 2022



    Anxiety comes because we get confused about who is control. We get responsibility confused with sovereignty because we start thinking that because God has given us responsibility God has given us control, and that is where we get stressed out.  A lot of your anxiety comes from making it about you, making it about your strength when the strength is not yours.

    You have your Bible, and it’s living and active and can penetrate through the noise of the world. You need God to speak and the interesting thing is that his word does not return to him void. God will speak, but God won’t study, you need to study.  Sometimes we feel God needs a little help, we are tempted to nudge him in the direction that suits us.

    Here is the principle about your life, you’re holding it but you can’t control it. God is in control; he speaks and the winds obey. What you can see is controlled by the hand you cannot see; you need to humble yourself under that mighty hand. Kick that anxiety out of the door, toss that pride out of the way and give God full control.

    God gives us peace and the enemy tries to cause a stir. God’s enemy is pride; your enemy is the Devil who wants to fill your mind. The attack happens in your mind, the enemy fills it with evil thoughts and ideas. He can only suggest evil ideas, the enemy has no power over you. You need to tell the enemy to shut up!



    Sometimes we use the future as an excuse to waste today. It becomes a real danger when you begin to use today’s faith to forecast tomorrow’s problems. God will never give you strength for tomorrow and hope for today. He will give you strength for today and hope for tomorrow, but a lot of us get it backward. We want hope for today and strength for tomorrow.

    Joseph did not wait until he was in position of influence to begin to serve God with integrity. His integrity led to his influence. It wasn’t a by-product of the influence. It wasn’t when others were watching him that he started working hard.

    Joseph noticed his emotions but the good thing is that he wasn’t controlled by those emotions; that’s where you have to get. You notice the emotions if you want to be free, but you are not controlled by the emotions. Being controlled by your emotions will always limit your future to the level of your feelings, so you will only do what is right if you feel like doing what is right. You should not place your feelings in Christ; you must place your faith in Christ.

    When something bad happens to you, when something bad is done to you; there is one thing you must know God uses sinful men to accomplish saving purposes.



    There comes a time in your life when you must stop mourning. Nobody can tell you when that is. Only God can tell you when you’ve cried over Saul enough. That’s what the prophet Samuel had to come to terms with. He believed in Saul, he prayed for Saul, and he wanted more out of Saul but God told him to fill his horn with oil and anoint David.

    Any conversation about trust must include a conversation about timing. Trust and timing are inseparable. Trust takes time. It took David some time to figure out what God wanted him to do next. David was always asking God for direction, and honestly everyone wants a relationship like that.  Wouldn’t it be amazing if God could speak to you about important things in your life with this specificity? David is asking God for his next strategic move, because he wants to take the right step.

    But most of us don’t enjoy this specificity of connection with God, and the people who say they do are weird. When you walk in the way of God, you will know God’s will. You don’t have to worry so much when you walk in the ways of God, when you have submitted to him because God’s strategy is submission.



    The reason you say, “I’ve had enough” is because you don’t feel like you’re enough. The first thing the Devil will do when he wants to drop you, is that he will make sure he catches you alone. That’s when the thought comes, that’s when the fear comes. The enemy will bring you to a place of isolation and gives you suggestions. When Jezebel was after Elijah he went to the wilderness and what he was telling God in that moment was “I don’t know what else to do.” The Bible says he went to hide in a cave, God told Elijah in that scripture to go back the way he came.

    You need to change your position to receive the provision that is already waiting in the place you belong. I’m seated in heavenly places with Christ Jesus. I’m seated n a divine position far above rulers, far above principalities. So go back the way you came. Change your position. Go back to the place of your opposition. That’s where your opportunity is. Your greatest opportunity is in place of your greatest opposition. If it were not hard, it would not be worth fighting for. If it were not hard, it would not be worth surviving for. Go back to your place of responsibility.



    There are some things that are destroying your joy that you are unaware of. Developing joy is different from discovering joy. Discovering joy means it’s waiting somewhere and you have to find it. It’s waiting in your next career move, it’s waiting in your next relationship, it’s waiting somewhere you’re not right now. The book of James1:2 says, “Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.”

    You need to know what joy really is, you have to understand the nature of it. James helps us to do that first by helping us to understand that there are trials of many kinds. We are all not going through the same thing, but we are all going through something. There are different kind of trials, there are trials associated with loneliness, and there are trials associated with companionship. No matter how great your name is in the eyes of people, you can still want to take your very own life, because joy is not a product of what people say about you. Joy is not a product of how people hold you in esteem or in disregard.

    Quit talking about your problems with people who are powerless to fix them. It’s making you feel worse, it’s making them feel worse, and everybody is frustrated. If there is something called pure joy then there must be another kind of joy. Finding the distinction between joy and happiness is something you have to do.


    1. Getting Rid of Worthless Thoughts

    God is sick of your excuses; He is trying to separate the chaff from the wheat. The chaff is the tradition, the wheat is the truth. God is breaking you out. That’s what all this has been about. Quit giving a praise service to the Devil by telling everybody you’re under attack. You’re not under attack. It’s not a threat; it’s a threshing. What happens after the threshing depends on whose hands, you’re in. When God does this, you do this. He’s harvesting you by hand.  He knows when the fields are ripe. He knows when the time is right. He doesn’t need permission from a Pharisee to do it on the right day. He has been doing it all along. The threshing was a blessing.

    Christ in you is the operating system of your life, not the condemnation in you. Thinking about David. When Jesus said, “Did you never read what David did?” he could have talked about a lot of things. He could have talked about Bathsheba, because David did that too. He could have talked about Amnon, David’s son who he wouldn’t deal with. He could have talked about Absalom, David’s son he was passive-aggressive with and wouldn’t let him come past a certain distance. He could have talked about all of that, but he didn’t.  By the time it says in Acts 13 that David was a man after God’s own heart, it doesn’t mean all of his decisions were perfect.  It means he kept the kernel of God’s heart.

    The Enemy wants to wrap you in so much condemnation you can’t see the kernel. That’s why God brought you here today.  That’s why he has been allowing you to go through… I don’t think it probably felt good for the grain, but it was good. He is removing everything that does not belong and breaking everything that is holding back the purpose he created you for to get you out of that prison, to uncover the kernel of your true character. He will even allow life sometimes to do this to you. Sometimes it doesn’t feel so gentle, and sometimes we don’t know how to praise God for this.



    First Kings, chapter 17, verse 7; “Sometime later the brook dried up because there had been no rain in the land. Then the word of the LORD came to him [Elijah the prophet]: ‘Go at once to Zarephath in the region of Sidon and stay there. I have directed a widow there to supply you with food.” Are you waiting on something from God? he promised to give you enough until it comes.  How good are you at letting God meet your needs?  And, what do you tend to run to instead of God in times you need relief or resource? And, is it possible? That those things you run to are the things that you have replaced God with in your life?

    Everything you depend on that does not come from God will eventually dry up. Even people who like you will get tired of you if you start needing them to meet needs that God. Some of the people who you are angry with. They are good people, but they are not God. When you try to make a good relationship a God in your life it becomes an idol. When you fill every spare moment of your life with social media, how can God speak to you?  If you run to that, if that becomes your first resource and recourse any time you want to escape your mind then how can the peace of God guard your heart and your mind in Christ Jesus?

    You could say that about sex. You could say that about a pill. You could say that about a donut. The list is inexhaustible. If you run to something that’s not God, you will run through it eventually. It will not sustain you, it will not last forever, and it can only give you so much.



    ‘It will come together.’ It’s kind of one of those clichés.  You probably don’t like when people say stuff like that to you.  That’s statement is just a millimeter better than “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Clichés. It could sound like that. “Oh, I know you lost your job. It’ll come together.” We are all standing in a space in our lives where we are needing clarity on some things. Maybe you’re not in the same situation as Naomi and Ruth. Both of them being widows were completely dependent on the kindness of someone else. Maybe it’s not that bad in your life.  Ruth not only lost her husband when she lost Mahlon, but Naomi lost her son. Naomi had already lost her husband Elimelek, and they were already in a strange place. It’s not that Romans 8:28 isn’t true.  “All things work together for the good…”  You just stopped in the middle of the verse.  It said, “All things work together for the good of them that love God and are called according to his purpose.” It means God doesn’t decide what is good in your life based on your preference, but his purpose.


    So, then you go through something, and “This isn’t good. How can this be good? God is good, and this isn’t good. What’s going on? I thought it was all good.”   God didn’t say that. In the Bible, God didn’t say that. He said, “All things work together for the good of those who love the Lord and are called according to his purpose.” So, his purpose comes first, not my preference. His purpose comes first, not my plan. What happens to us is we get addicted to a plan, and if it doesn’t fit the plan, we want to throw it back to God and say, “Fix this!” But God doesn’t start with the picture called your plan when he is building the pieces of your life. He’s God! The truth of the matter is you can’t really judge your life in isolation.



    Peter was out fishing one night, and he caught nothing… The only thing the stories have in common, really, is that Peter wasn’t a very good fisherman in either one.  The only thing you can really find that’s exactly the same is empty nets. There is a message in that about the God who loves to fill what is empty and the God who loves to empty what is full. One is the nets; the other is the tomb. My faith is not in my own fullness.  Luke 5:4: “When [Jesus] had finished speaking, he said to Simon…” That’s Peter’s given name…not the name Jesus gave him, but the name his parents gave him. He said, “Put out into deep water, and let down the nets for a catch.” In the next verse. Peter said, “This makes no sense.  We’ve fished all night. We’ve caught nothing. We’re hanging it up for the night. There’s no need for us to keep fishing in the daytime. The fish   won’t come to the surface when the water gets hot.  But because you say so, I will let down the nets.” This was the beginning of Peter’s participation in the ministry of Jesus. when he let down the nets in that passage of Scripture, he could have had no way of knowing how his life would change because of the moment that he let down the nets. He could have had no way of knowing that he would see the widow from Nain’s son raised from

    the dead when he let down the nets. He could have had no idea that he would have seen a roof come off a house because the ministry of Jesus.

    A lot of times, we talk about letdowns in terms of the thing you went   after that you wanted that you didn’t get. Some of the biggest letdowns are the things you wanted and went after, and you got them, and you can’t send them back.  Peter went back to what he knew. It’s not what he did that is shocking; it’s when he did it. Peter did this because he’s still living in the letdown.

    Your Christian experience doesn’t help you to avoid any of the disappointments of life. Faith doesn’t make me avoid it; it helps me transform it.



    The first thing you’ll notice is that God doesn’t speak to the surface. A real word from God will never speak to the surface of your situation.  That’s why advice can only help you so much.  When you ask a human being for advice, you only tell them the information you deem relevant. A lot of times, they give you good advice based on bad data.  They don’t know the reason your relationship shattered on the floor, in pieces. The reason you have no peace in your situation is because you are constantly critiquing, and you are constantly correcting.

    So, they give you advice, “Well, you should just leave them,” but what they don’t know is if you leave them, you take you with you. Sometimes the problem is something you don’t think to tell them. God doesn’t give advice, because he knows what’s beneath the surface. So, while you’re praying about symptoms, God is prescribing a remedy and a cure for what is causing the sickness. That’s what makes him the Great Physician.

    When God reveals your assignment in life, it will surface in your insecurities. What insecurity is beneath the surface in your life right now that God wants to speak a word to? You don’t experience insecurity as insecurity.  Nobody runs around, “Just pray for me for my   insecurity.” When we ask people to pray, we say, like, “I’m worrying a lot lately.”  But why are you worrying? Because you’re insecure. You’re blessed when I’m doing what God called you to do where God called me to do it.



    John 8:31: “To the Jews who had believed him, Jesus said, ‘If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.’ They answered him, ‘We are Abraham’s descendants and have never been slaves of anyone. How can you say that we shall be set free?’ Jesus replied, ‘Very truly I tell you, everyone who sins is a slave to sin. Now a slave has no permanent place in the family, but a son belongs to it forever. So, if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. I know that you are Abraham’s descendants. Yet you are looking for a way to kill me, because you have no room for my word.” The Devil is a liar, of course we don’t mean he runs around with a plastic pitchfork telling you stuff you know on the surface to be untrue. The way he operates is by deception, which means the Devil specializes in saying things that sound true. He says it in such a way that you don’t even know it’s him saying it.

    Belief is based on your experience. Truth comes from God. Beliefs can be altered. Beliefs can grow and expand and should. Have you come to the point yet where it has cost you enough to be stuck in a belief about who you are and what life is and what they did? Has the Devil held you long enough? For some of us, nothing in our lives will change this year because we are not sick enough of the way it was last year. We are not sick enough of it yet. We are like the Israelites wandering in the wilderness.



    When you are trying to figure out “Who am I?  I don’t know whether I’m a bird or a fish or whether I’m good at this or whether I’m good at that. I really don’t know yet…” That’s good, but you don’t start with what you think you are, without asking yourself what you think God is. God is not going to do for you what you can do for you.  For 400 years, there was no record of God revealing himself to man. For 400 years! Then the Lord’s word came to Moses.

    The Enemy waged war against Moses before he was ever born. He had to be floated in a basket on the Nile to survive. Some of you, the Devil has been after you your whole life.  People should have spoken affirmation over you, people should have spoken direction to you, people should have given encouragement to you, and they didn’t, so other words take root.

    When’s the last time you were like, “That was God who did that for me.”   “That was God who held me in his arms”. “That was God who reassured me.” That was God who kept me from ending it all. That was God who kept me from going to prison, because if I would have done what I thought about doing, I would not be here today. That was God.” The worst thing you can believe is that when you get here, then God will love you. That is from the pit of hell. That is a lie. That is not in the Bible. It is by grace you are saved, and if you have grace, you have a lot. You have the greatest gift. His name is Jesus! We all need Jesus.

    Everything in created order understands when God speaks. Stop speaking against what God has spoken over your life. It’s a war of words, and you have become your own worst enemy.

    Nobody gave you a class for some of the stuff you’re going through.   Nobody tells you how to survive the loss of somebody who was your life. Missing pieces. “Who am I? I’m not ready.”  Preparation. “Who are you?” Information. That’s fine, because God wants to show you how you cannot know and still go.  Then the Holy Spirit of God will apply it to that area of your life where you’re insecure. Look. Moses is like, “I can’t talk.” That’s a very specific thing, but really, what he’s dealing with is “What if they don’t believe me?” That’s validation.

    Are you missing one of those in your life today? Let’s go through them slowly.   You can write these down and ask the Lord to speak to you about them throughout this week.




    When you’re in an uncertain situation, go back and revisit all of the things God already did for you in previous seasons of your life. Maybe God brings you back to Bethel sometimes just to remind you of when you killed it when you’re struggling, and maybe God brings you back to Bethel sometimes to remind you of things you accomplished that really defy your educational background or your pedigree or anything you were taught or trained to do. Maybe God brings you back to Bethel sometimes to remember all of the ways you even surprised yourself.  “Wow! I didn’t even know I could do that.”

    the first time Jacob went to Bethel, he was scared to death. Now Jacob is in a place in his life where he has never been more uncertain, and God leads him back to a place where he had never been more uncertain. When he is in need of the greatest faith, God takes him back to the place of his greatest fear.  The first time Jacob went to Bethel, he had no idea what would happen next. His brother wants to kill him. His uncle is someone he has never been exposed to; he has only heard about. Jacob is 77 years old the first time he goes to Paddan Aram and stops through a place called Bethel.

    Bethel was not a place where Jacob shouted and danced. Jacob was not in Bethel feeling goose bumps. Jacob was not in Bethel singing praise songs. Jacob was in Bethel wondering, “Will I make it?”

    You have no idea how you have enough to defend yourself from the attack that’s happening…You have a lot on you right now. Some of it is your fault, some of it is decisions others have made, and none of it is anything you have ever experienced, because you are the oldest you’ve ever been and you have never progressed through this season of your life, this is the stage of your development. You have never been through this emotional place before.

    So now what does God do? He doesn’t call you back to the place where you felt the greatest faith. He calls you back to the place where you felt the greatest fear, but you made it anyway, to remind you what it really felt like when God revealed himself to you.



    Certain situations will make your positions irrelevant. It doesn’t matter what they call you, certain situations would make your position useless. In Mark 5 Jairus was a synagogue leader but because of what was going on in his home, brought him to a low place. The position of desperation is not unfamiliar to anyone of us. Jairus encountered something that made his position irrelevant. He didn’t announce himself by his title at Jesus feet. He demonstrated his desperation by bringing his issue to the only one he thought had the ability to fix it. In that same scripture, a woman was bleeding for twelve years and many doctors couldn’t fix it. Jesus can see all things but he didn’t notice the woman bleeding amongst the crowd.  This woman was consumed by this problem that the Bible called her the woman with the issue of blood. Over time, she lost her name as she was consumed by her issue.

    You can define yourself by how you feel n this moment, and that’s dangerous. Do you define yourself by your emotions? Do you define yourself by your status? Do you define yourself by your lowest point?

    All of that is dangerous, because the moment you start believing you are what you do or you are what you went through, it creates something inside.

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