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Pastor Steven Furtick Sermon : The One Who Seeks… Finds!

    Pastor Steven Furtick Sermon The One Who Seeks Finds : The leadv pastor of Elevation church, Pastor Steven Furtick has come through with this new and inspiring sermon titled ”The one who seeks…finds”. This is one of the best sermons by Steven Furtick that you would love to listen to.

    in this sermon, Pastor Furtick started by asking, What if your blessing is right in front of you?

    In “The One Who Seeks… Finds!” we are reminded that during difficult seasons, we can either look for reasons to grumble or reasons to hope.

    Pastor Steven Furtick and his wife Holly Furtick are the senior Pastors of Elevation church and they have been relentlessly committed in the pastoral work , winning souls for Christ and ensuring the continuous spiritual growth and development of people worldwide.

    Kindly watch and listen to this Elevation church sermon by Steven Furtick and as you do so, may God bless his words in your heart and help you to find all that you seek.

    Video Credit : Elevation church Youtube

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