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Pastor Steven Furtick Sermon: Becoming More Than Self-Aware

    Pastor Steven Furtick Sermon Becoming More Than Self-Aware : The lead pastor of Elevation church and the husband of Holly Furtick in the person of Pastor Steven Furtick has come through with this inspiring message and  new sermon for today  titled “Becoming More Than Self-Aware”.

    In this sermon by Steven Furtick , he focused of finding out how well people know themselves as aperson. He started by asking ”how well you know yourself?” … In “Becoming More Than Self-Aware,” Steven Furtick of Elevation Church reveals how our awareness shifts when we start to see ourselves the way God does. This is an excerpt from his sermon “Yes You!” Herein, he teaches that Self-awareness is a wonderful thing. Self-awareness will save you from doing  stupid things, but self-awareness, as you’re about to see in this text, can only take you so far.

    He said Simon is aware of his sinfulness, but he is not yet aware of his “Peterness.” Simon says,  “Go away from me, Lord; I’m a sinful man!” He’s scared. Most of us are still scared of God and that’s why we pray fake.

    The nutshell of this sermon by steven Furtick is that the true perception of us will only be revealed if we pay attention on seeing ourselves in the same way God sees us. When we start seeing ourselves the same way God sees us, we will discover exactly whom we are and things will begin to go well with us.

    Watch and learn from this sermon by Pastor Steven Furtick: “Becoming More Than Self-Aware” as we bring the latest sermons from Pastors in Elevation Church to you.

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