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Pastor Stephanie Ike Sermons 2022 (Compilation of all Sermons By Pastor Stephanie Ike 2022)

    Pastor Stephanie Ike Sermons 2022 : Stephanie Nkeiru Ike is a Los Angeles based Nigerian prolific author, pastor and talk show host. She is an Associate pastor at Potters House Church Dallas.

    Stephanie who was recently engaged to the love of her life, has served in the Lord’s vineyard as a pastor st Potters House Church for some years and has been so diligent in her effortr towards contributing to the spiritual growth and development of people around the world.

    We have taken time to compile the latest and most impiring sermons by Pastor Stephanie Ike. This post is designed to serve as a one stop shop for all Stephanie Ike’s sermons. This compendum of Pastor Stephanie Ike messages will continuously be updated any day she releases a new sermon.

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    Pastor Stephanie Ike Sermons 2022

    Below are the top, most inspiring and educative sermons by Pastor Stephanie Ike of the Potters House Church at ONE LA.

    Pastor Stephanie Ike sermons 2022


     I Am Evidence :

    Pastor Stephanie Ike Sermon: I Am Evidence One :  Online (A Potters House Church) shares this sermon by Pastor Stephanie Ike titled “I Am Evidence” and it is a sermon that you will life your spirit.

    She said that when we come together in this room, the gathering first of all reflects the unity of the lord … the unity of God but when we come together it is to build God’s building which is you. There’s a scripture when Jesus said to Peter ‘you are Peter and upon this rock I will build my church’ and a lot of times we thought that Jesus meant he would build the church on a person; Peter but Jesus was very careful with his words because when he said you are Peter and when he said upon this rock, Peter means rock.

    The words that Jesus used were two different words. When he says you are Peter, he’s speaking to a name but when he says upon this rock Jesus was talking about the revelation that Peter was walking in.
    As you Watch and learn from this sermon by Pastor Stephanie Ike Sermon “I Am Evidence” may God bless his words in your heart and grant you all your heart desires.



       Marked by Purpose

    She anchored her preaching on the book John 17:4. Jesus is a model for every believer and his life was never random, his life was marked for purpose. Jesus identified that there was a work he was called to finish. He lived a life of submission to will and purpose of God which was dying on the cross for the sake of humanity. Just like Christ our lives has a walk we are called to finish, our lives has a purpose that we are called to accomplish. Jesus lived a life of precision because he understood that there was a purpose on his life, he was fully aware of his assignment on earth. Christ’s ministry started at thirty but his purpose started the minute he arrived on earth and his life was marked by this purpose.

    So, when you think you’re hidden God knows you, he knows where you are; when it feels like no one sees you, God sees you. And in due time he will reveal you. What God has designed you to become doesn’t start when you have a stage, it doesn’t start when all the conditions in your life seems to be met. It starts in that place that looks like a cave; it starts in that hidden place. When God is hiding you, he is actually making you.

    Whatever God has called you to do, you have capacity for it but that capacity is activated by his presence in your life. You need to understand in which God has placed you. What has God called you to do? What does he want you to become? You can only find the answer to these questions in his presence.

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    Don’t count yourself out

    Whoever you will be is scripted in the word of God, and every time the word of God comes to you, the things he shows to you would always be bigger than you. He reveals a version of who you are becoming and not who you will become. As God reveals yourself to you, don’t count yourself out. Don’t count yourself out of what God calls you, don’t count yourself out of God’s promises.

    You define yourself by who you are, and you are a child of God. You need to stay obedient to the path that God has shown you, because He is in the process of making you, and you can’t count yourself out of that.

    Just like the story of Moses, he was born when the King gave an order that every male child born by a Hebrew woman should be executed. The Bible recorded that his mother stared at her child and saw that he was beautiful then she decided to hide him for three months. She just wanted her child to live, his mother put him in a woven basket in a river; and he was found by the princess. Now, Moses the Hebrew child was living and raised in royalty, but no matter how you dress it up as long the Hebrew’s were in bondage Moses was in bondage. There was that part of Moses that knew he was a Hebrew child, and this led him to kill an Egyptian who was in a scuffle with a Hebrew man. Then Moses was faced with a situation where he found two Hebrew men in a fight and while he was trying to reconcile these two men, he realized his secret wasn’t secret anymore. They had found out that Moses killed an Egyptian, and they didn’t see Moses has part of them, and Moses fled Egypt. The Bible mentioned that Moses was content, and contentment doesn’t necessarily mean a good thing, because in Moses’ case he was content with that failure. He became content feeling he had no value to give when it comes to the liberation of his people. He counted himself out of the deliverance of the Hebrews.

    Don’t count yourself out, because God has a purpose for you in that place.


    4. Resist the resistance

    When you enter a new season of your life, you’re likely to face a resistance in your prayer life, or your study with the word of God. Something is resisting you from hearing what God has for you in that season. The human life is locked up in times and season (Ecclesiastes 3) you cannot manipulate your life to make a particular season come on time. God works in a pattern; he locks up some things in a time and when it’s the season for that thing to be established it is revealed.

    When something is resisting you, you need to resist that resistance because God is willing to do a big thing at that time in your life. The thought of ‘maybe’ begins to plague your mind, because the enemy is trying to prevent you from being established in that season.

    Jesus could not step into a new season without facing opposition, the Bible recorded that the Holy Spirit led him into the wilderness. You have to see opposition/ resistance properly; it can come in the form of people, disappointment, negative narrative. Resistance can come in different way, but it is important that you resist it.

    You need to be equipped for resistance, because when opposition comes; and you don’t know what to do you will give up. You need to go back on your knees to pray, and ask questions; who am I now? What does this season of my life represent? What does this season of my life require? You cannot give into opposition, because the Bible tells us that “we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and power”. You have to resist the resistance!


     Is anybody listening?

    Have you ever had a conversation with someone and you realized they are tuned out? Jeremiah 6:10 (MSG)

    Based on the weight of what God wants to reveal to you, he needs to break you out of your routine. The moment something holy becomes a habit, it because a routine to us. Just like the Israelites in the wilderness saw Manna fall from the sky every day, and it became ordinary to them. This supernatural experience became nothing to them.

    When you want to see change happen, the word of God on your inside is what brings manifestation. When you start to sense that there is something God want to do, there is a word for that moment. Moses was called to the mountain severally to receive a message from God. Moses was taken from his environment to a secluded place to receive something deeper from God. Like Moses, God wants to tell us something weighty so he needs to break our routines so we can listen.

    There are many ways God speaks to us, but it seems like we can’t hear from him. Spiritual deafness is the inability to hear what the Holy Spirit has for you. Some of us are so overwhelmed by the good things happening in our lives that we forget to sit and ask God what is it you’re saying. When God called Moses to the mountain, he wanted to give him a weighty message. Bear in mind that Moses could speak to God at any time, but when God wants to give you something monumental, he calls you out of your routine.

    In such situations, it’s strictly you and God.  You need to take away every distraction and focus on God in that moment. Also, your heart cannot be hardened and you expect to hear from God. Sometimes disappointments could be that distraction. You focus on that pain so much; it becomes so difficult to hear God. You need to release that grudge, that pain, that disappointment and let God help you. God is always speaking; all you have to do is tune into that conversation.

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     While I’m waiting

    In our lives there is something the Lord speaks to us about, but we find ourselves going through the waiting period for the manifestation of those things. God begins to do a work within us before it happens externally. Before embracing a major shift, we experience the waiting period.

    The waiting season is where God prunes us, prepare us and repositions us (Matthew 28:19). The waiting season may seem like God has forgotten you, and this is where the enemy brings suggestion to help you get to purpose. But the waiting period is the vehicle that take you to purpose, this is where God positions you for purpose.

    When you recognize the need for the process, you will understand the waiting season. You might be wondering why does God make you wait, it’s because God wants to prune you. God takes through a process that confronts the pain and trauma from our past. The pain from our past leaves dead and damaged branches, and God needs to take out of all of these things to bring you to place of purpose.

    The reality is that this world is broken and only God can make it whole. God needs to remove the brokenness that has found it’s way into your life, he needs to take you through a healing process to get to the place he has prepared for you. God is after your wholeness; he wants to heal you from the root.


    Winning against all odds

    As human beings, your spirit comes from God, and you need to recognize that the hand of God has been upon your life since the minute you were born.  It doesn’t matter where you come from, all you need to do is to be obedient to God’s instruction. God has promised us that he’s not a man to lie to you, and he has promised you that despite all the odd he is going to make things work for your good.

    We need to believe in God’s promises, believing is your deliverance. The minute you believe what God has promised you then you will be obedient to God’s instruction. What has God placed in your hands? What has God promised you? You will have to believe those things against all odds. In Matthew 13, Jesus gave a parable of the farmer that was sowing seeds. Process will always proceed success, some of the seeds struggled in the midst of the thorns, some fell on fertile ground and they bore fruits. Jesus stated that the thorns represent the pains, the traumas, the struggles and the wiles of life.

    When God gives you a word, and something wants to choke God’s word out of you like the thorn in that parable, you need to stand against all odds.

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    The anointing points us to the Holy Spirit, and the Bible records that the anointing breaks yokes. Now you might be a believer, but you still don’t have clarity on some issues in your life. Ecclesiastes 3 tells us that there is time for everything. The full expression of our lives is locked up into times and seasons.

    A look at the interaction Jesus had with the man at the pool of Bethsaida in John 5 would reveal that there was a set time each year when the ordinary pool transforms to a supernatural pool that heals the sick. Many times, we force things to happen when it’s not the set time by God, and when we do this, we are met with disappointment and frustrations. That is exactly what happened in the case of Abraham and Sarah, when they experienced delay in child bearing Sarah told her husband to lay with her maid. The result of this action was that they bore a child that was not ordained by God.

    You need to shift yourself into alignment with the plans of God for the season. When you make yourself available, you need to know what God is saying concern your life. Every season carries the word of God that is attached to your life.

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    The Bible described Samson as a strong man, in the book of Judges the Philistines wanted to know the secret of his strength. Samson was set apart for a unique assignment to release the Israelites from the bondage. God has set apart everyone born on this earth for a unique assignment (Jeremiah 1:5). You came from God and everything that comes from God comes with an intention. This means God is intentional about our lives, your appointment becomes the mark of your anointing.

    The anointing is the person and the work of the Holy Spirit, not a force. It is on the call of God that anointing begins to flow, it is in your appointed place that you experience the anointing. The Lord left Samson when his hair was cut off, it was not about the hair. Samson broke the law prior to when he lost his hair, but the difference between when he broke those law and when he lost his hair was that Samson was no longer in his place of assignment. He was with Delilah feeding his desire and appetite not his assignment.

    You need to understand who you are? And why you were sent to the earth?  Samson remembered the reason of his appointment and that’s why the anointing flowed through him again. There is a manner in which God sends you to the earth, and you need to come in agreement with God’s purpose. When you’re in alignment with your appointment the anointing flows with ease.

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    When you begin to experience a shift around you? Then you need to ask God what is going to take place in your life? Because all creations are eagerly waiting for what God is going to do through you. Creation is waiting for you reveal. When a shift happens, the first thing is a change in position; the second thing is to assume responsibility, the third thing is to go through a change in identity.

    Oppositions come from principalities and power, so when Jesus is saying he will open a door for you; he is speaking from a place of authority. God is sending you back to places that has caused you pain to take charge of those places. The shift is when the rejected stone becomes the chief corner stone. Do not reject the assignment because it didn’t work out the last time, when the shift comes God has gone ahead of you.

    When there is a shift, you need to align yourself to God, so you can forget about the trauma of the past. God is sending you back to place you were rejected to establish you. You need to rise up to the responsibility God has placed in front of you. You cannot dwell in the past; you have to take charge.

    You thought your circumstances defines you, but God is telling you that his word is coming to you. You are a royal priesthood.



    If you truly want to discover who you truly are, you need to lay it all down and follow God’s instructions. God’s original plan for Abraham was Isaac but with his own knowledge and that of his wife Sarah, Ishmael was born. Just like Abraham, Ishmael are things were created on our own when we feel God is taking too long. Ishmael’s are hard to let go because we created them, but radical obedience to God starts when you are ready to lay everything down. Abraham was willing to lay Isaac down for sacrifice because God gave Isaac to him.

    Psalm 127 says “that unless God builds a house, they that labour will labour in vain. You need to trust God to lay everything down, you need it to accept that it might not turn out the way you planned. You need to live a life of surrender and let God lead you. What you build in your own strength, you will have to maintain in your own strength. Isaacs comes from your covenant alignment, and not from your own strength.

    God desires our complete surrender, it always about discarding your plans and let God take the lead. You give up your will and desire for control, the Bible says he’s the rewarder of them that diligently seek him. Surrendering to God is different for different people, for some persons it’s their job, for some it’s your lifestyle. God wants to take the lead, give it all up, and let him take control.




    It is important to live a life in alignment with God’s plan for you. God has called us to do something in this time. As a believer your imagination should speak the magnitude of God, when you engage fear, it takes control of your imaginations. But this is different from the fear of the Lord, (Exodus 20:20) you need to cast out the fear that brings torment and let the fear of God be for you.

    The fear of God is the respect or the reverence we have for God. It is the kind of fear that makes you afraid of a life without God. When you have the fear of God, you don’t want to leave a life without God. The fear of God brings establishment, it brings anchor.

    When you come in tune with the counsel of God, you get to a place of desire of, God I want to walk with you. When your perspective for compromise changes to make excuses for sin then the fear of the Lord is absent. We have this misconception when we become familiar with God, we begin to procrastinate then the fear of God is absent. We need to constantly check our lives and find out if we are in alignment with God.

    God is friends with those who respect and reverence him. God will honor you when you fear him.



    Satan may not be the one bringing the warfare, you might be the one the bringing the warfare. When we see ourselves in a warfare, what is really happening is a counter- attack. The enemy has seen that you’re a threat to the kingdom of darkness, and the enemy doesn’t want to give you what belongs to you easily. The enemy tries to get you to a place where you’ll be discouraged, disappointed and defeated so he can steal your joy. The enemy tries to put you in a place where you begin to lose trust in God, and you begin to depart from the path that God has laid down for you. (Ephesians 6:5)

    Now, the question is who must you be to wrestle against this enemy? You believe your opposition is a man but the Bible says we are wrestling against principalities, powers, and ruler of darkness. You’re more than a conqueror, that’s what the word of God says. When there is a warfare, you’re not a victim, because you started the warfare, and God has already defeated the enemy.

    Sometimes warfare is a sign for you to remember who you must be as a child of God, designed to liberate destinies and territory. There are things you need to pass through yourself in a manner that your life begins to demand manifestations. The first thing is to watch and pray (1 Kings 18:1). Secondly, you need to know is that you need to believe the words that God gave to you. What is God saying about you? And how do you hear from God? You have to keep speaking the word of God concerning that situation. You need to believe God and not give up. You stay on course and endure, do not allow your words to speak death. Let your words speak life.

    One thing you need to realize is that you’re not the victim in that warfare, you initiated it. The moment you give your life to Christ, you became a weapon in the hands of God, it made your insecurities also weapons in God’s hand.



    The words we speak they are spirit and life. With your words you can reveal God’s purpose or alter His purpose. Words shouldn’t be used carelessly, because our words can raise an altar. You probably said those idle and careless word out of anger, frustration or disappointment (Matthew 12:36). You need to watch how you talk, one of the biggest signs of spiritual maturity is how you speak. (Proverbs 18:21)

    Everything was created by God speaking, the word is Christ himself (John 1:1), the word is not just a passing remark it has a personality. Everything about God is intentional, when God creates through speaking, it was because it was his identity. And if everything was created by words, everything responds to the word. Your words shape things, words have authority.

    Words have authority over the things God has entrusted you to steward (Ecclesiastes 8:4). There is something God has given you authority over; God has entrusted something to your care. He made us Kings and Priests; He has placed you over something. You need to speak positive words to those things that He has placed you above. You need to ask yourself if the words you’re going to speak will glorify God’s name.

    Words are gateways, words are openings, through your words you’re opening a place where seeds can be planted. Those words can either reveal the purpose of God or the purpose of the enemy.



    In order for Moses to get into the promise land he had to overcome his limitation. (Number 20:7-9) Have you ever wondered how Moses who was recorded in the Bible to be the friend of God didn’t make it to the promise land? It because it goes beyond having a relationship with God, and it comes into a place where you begin to embody what God says about you.

    Limitation in this context is a mindset that set boundaries on who you can be and what you can do due to the fear of failure or inexperience. These are limitations we put upon ourselves because of fear. In Number 20:10-12, God instructed Moses to take his rod and speak to the rock to bring out water, but Moses struck the rock (which wasn’t what God told him to do). God told Moses after water came from the rock that he wasn’t going to bring the congregation into the promise land.

    You might be wondering why this little mistake made him lose entry into the promise land? Moses did not understand that the staff was to produce belief and faith for him, if God could use the staff to swallow the snakes of the Egyptians sorcerers, part the Red sea, then imagine what God could do with him. So, God wanted Moses to speak to the rock, so that the Moses could see what God could do through him. At the end of the day, it was about belief, it was not the staff that produce the miracles.

    So many times, we forget that the favor of God raised us up, we think it is the location, the position that got us there. When God first encounters a person, he recognizes that there are known and unknown limitations that you are holding onto. There are things he sends into your life that shows that if he can do this, then imagine what else he can do. It’s about you having a record of the goodness and faithfulness of God.



    God is diligent about what he names things, and names reveal the functions and purpose of a thing. Before John the Baptist was born, the angel that announced his birth was specific about the name that should be given to the unborn child. The name defined his assignment, John means God is gracious; and this name foretells the grace of God which was the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    God had to change Abraham’s name when he stepped into a new covenant, his name carried an anointing, it carried a new identity, it carried a calling. You’re not whatever you think you are, your name is more than how people identify you. Your name has weight, it has an identity (Philippians 2:10). Abraham wasn’t just a name; it became a point of encounter with God. Your legacy is in your name, the mention of your name should point people to the God that you serve.

    God wants to use you to make his names evident. There are names of God that we know that came out of the place of encounter, Jehovah-Jireh (God the provider) came out of the encounter that Abraham had with God. The names of God that were revealed to humanity came out of the place of encounter with God. It came out of people’s testimonies with God. Your name should point people to God’s glory.



    Fear gains its power from uncertainty; the reality of life is that we are always going to live in uncertainties. When you begin to recognize who God is in your life that’s where you begin to cast out fear. (John 10:10) Fear gives you the narrative of loss, non-achievement, (2 Timothy 1:7), but God has given us a sound mind. We have to study the word of God to know how to have victory over the enemy. You need to war with the word of God in your mind bringing to fulfilment the purpose of God for your life.

    (Isaiah 41:10) You need to know that you’re not alone. In life when God gives us a word, there is a journey that takes us to the manifestation of that word. You need to embrace process and enjoy the journey. Do not let the fear of uncertainty overcome you, be anchored because you know who spoke to you.

    What is fear holding you back from? You need to know who spoke to you; you need to trust the process. (Ephesians 3:20) When God is in the mix that is all it takes. In the midst of all the uncertainties that you’re experiencing you need to trust God to take through it all. When you’re called to do something, you need to get to a place where you ask God, what is the ‘why’ of this instruction?


    Esther was called by God to save a nation, but what stand out in Esther’s story throughout the Bible is that; when God marks a person to save a nation there is always an encounter but we don’t see anything like this in the book of Esther. (Esther 4) She never had a grand experience of a prophet coming to her, or an encounter but her purpose was great. Esther was called to liberate her people.

    Identifying purpose doesn’t need to be a grand experience but the Lord is guiding and leading you into purpose. You don’t realize that God has already marked you for a purpose, you might be in a place and you don’t know why. You are feeling that your life is ordinary, but God is preparing you for something. You just have to stay put, and let God lead you.

    Your life is not ordinary, God has called you for something great, and He’s going to take you there. There is an assignment for your life, and He’s going to bring it to fulfillment. Esther was marked to deliver her people even before she became a Queen.  The Bible records that she found favor in the sight of the King, God was strategically placing her in the palace so she could help her people.

    There is a value upon your life, and you’re not ordinary.



    It is the uncertainties of life that often cripples us. The root of fear is tied to some level of ignorance, the uncertainty of the outcome causes us to be crippled sometimes. In your walk with God, you will have to go through some period of uncertainty, in that process there is learning and shedding that makes you realize who you truly are. The truth is that we are not defined by our strength, we are defined by who God is; the reality of life is the biggest moment of your life will be filled with uncertainty. God is our strength; in our weakness He strengthens us. God is attracted to our weakness; he wants to help you.

    What is assigned to your life requires your weakness, what would your life look life if you’re not looking at life through the lens of your ability but God’s? (2 Kings 1) when you trust God in uncertainty it means you’re totally relying on him for direction. We were created for fellowship with God, (John 15:4) you were created to serve God, without him we can do nothing.   When God looks at you, he wants you to function in the authenticity of your creation. You’re not random, God ordained every step that came to the coming of you.

    You’re defined by the strength of God, when you think you’re living without a purpose God is taking you somewhere. God is leading you towards a purpose.



    Many of us have tried to express faith over many issues, and it seems like we are still faced with impossibilities. Faith doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t bring change or make impact (Mark 9:20-27). Have you ever lived in a contradiction, where you had faith and at the same time you were experiencing unbelief?

    Unbelief speaks to the weakness of your faith, it’s not about the absence of your faith. The kind of faith that produces results is not by power or by strength. When God wants to do unusual things, even if it doesn’t make sense to the average man, you will recognize that the people he uses are people of understanding. Understanding is the difference in how we live our lives. It is not just in knowing that God exist, it is about knowing who he is. (Heb 11:6)

    Every single thing is an assignment, and everyday you have a different assignment; it is unique for each person. You need to be committed to doing what God has assigned you to do. You cannot play with your life as random, you’ve to have enough understanding and grow into what God has called you to do.  Is your life governed by your opinions? Are you surrendered to God’s word?

    To express faith, you need to have understanding. Your understanding of God’s word helps your unbelief.



    The catalyst for the fall of man was fear (Gen 3:7-13), fear is a distraction to dominion. Dominion started in the garden of Eden; the enemy understood that if he could kick out man out of his place of dominion then he could take authority. That is why Satan planted doubt and disbelief in man to get him out of the garden of Eden.  How is fear distracting you from your place of dominion?

    Many times, we are so shaken up, and we don’t realize that the enemy is playing us like a fiddle. The plan of the enemy when threats are raging through your mind, you need to understand that this is the day that the Lord has made, and you will rejoice and be glad in it. It’s better to die in your assignment than die in your fear. (Romans 7:25)

    It is only in God that your identity can stand, if your mind is plagued with fear then you’re missing the point. The true gift is in God, He is our exceeding reward. Your mind should be your safe place and not a place of opposition. If you can fast food, then you can fast your insecurities. Your mind may be in bondage of the enemy, the areas of your thinking that are not guarded and Satan has taken dominion. You need to be able to manifest the purpose of God, you need to guard your mind diligently. (Ephesians 1:3)

    As you watch , listen ands learn from these Pastor Stephanie Ike Sermons 2022, may God bless his words in your heart and grant all your heart desires. Stay tuned as we continuosly update this post with latest 2022 sermons by Pastor Stephanie Ike.

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