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Pastor Stephanie Ike Sermon: The Anointing Makes The Difference

    Pastor Stephanie Ike Sermon The Anointing Makes The Difference : Pastor Stephanie Ike of ONE (A Potters House Church)has come through with this new sermon by  titled: “The Anointing Makes The Difference”.

    Be assured that it is sermon you need to listen to and meditate on.

    The Pastor of ONE which was formerly known as The Potters House At One LA and a well known Bible teacher has transformed the lives of many ladies through her teachings and way of life. pastor Stephanie Ike who was recently engaged by the love of her life has over the years contributed immensely in the spiritual growth and development of thousands of people worldwide through her sermons, Bible teachings and devotionals. Do not forget that Pastor Stephanie is a Nigerian.


    Watch and learn from this sermon by Pastor Stephanie Ike: “The Anointing Makes The Difference” as we bring the latest messages from Pastors around the globe to you.

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