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Pastor Stephanie Ike Sermon: Exposing Deception

    Pastor Stephanie Ike Sermon Exposing Deception : Pastor Stephanie Ike of One Online shares this sermon titled “Exposing Deception”

    Pastor Stephanie Ike who towards the end of 2021 was engaged to the love of her life , has contributed immensely towards ensuring the spiritual growth and development of people wordwide through her teachings and daily life style.

    Preaching on the sermon ”Exposing deception” She said she had this encounter with the lord in her dream and the Lord began to speak to her about deception and He showed her that He wants her to teach and speak to His people on it. She believes that there are some parts of this message that are very critical to your life and your freedom. Pastor Stephanie also believes that God is going to set us free from every trap of deception. There were two key areas that the lord began to highlight to her and she prayed that we will all be open to what the lord is doing … not just what you’re hearing but what is a conviction in your heart and that we would not go another day holding on to the deception of the enemy.

    Kindly make our time to watch, listen and meditate on the word of God in this sermon and as you do so, may God bless his words in your heart and grant you all your heart desires.

    Video Credit: ONE /Potter’s House Church Youtube


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