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Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts Requests for prayers as she kicks off Women Evolve Tour 2022

    Pastor Sarah Jakes Women Evolve Tour 2022 : The daughter of Bishop TD Jakes and one of the pastors of Potters house church Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts has taken to instagram to ask for general prayers towards her preparation and hosting of a conference.

    Pastor Sarah Jakes Women Evolve Tour 2022

    According to the wife of Toure Roberts of ONE (Potters House), Sarah Jakes, the preparation and hosting of conference happens to be one of her greatest challenge as she feels very much incapable anytime she wants to do so.

    Requesting the general public to pray for her, Pastor Sarah Jakes took to instagram to write : 

    Nothing makes me feel more inadequate than hosting tour/conference. It always feels like a good idea in my head, but then when it’s announced I feel myself shrink.

    I hear:
    – You’re not anointed for this.
    – You don’t have what it takes.
    – You’re not smart enough.
    – You can’t help anybody.

    Sometimes I get big, bad, and bold and start talking my talk back. I begin to declare: I AM ANOINTED. I HAVE WHAT IT TAKES. I’M THE WOMAN FOR THE JOB.

    ….even then there are moments when the voices continue to murmur so I hit them with the one that never fails.

    “I don’t have what it takes. I am not anointed enough. I don’t have the words, nor do I have power. BUT I DO HAVE ACCESS TO THE ONE WHO HOLDS IT ALL!”

    That’s when hell gets nervous. That’s when demons start trembling. That’s when my soul finds rest. You don’t have to have what it takes. You just need to remember the access you have to generational curse breaking, yoke destroying, life changing power.

    We’re going on tour in June and I’m pleading the blood of Jesus over every woman who is ready to overthrow inadequacy, shame, guilt, anger, bitterness, and insecurity.

    The spirit of God is taking me on a revolution now so that I can pour out the lessons and the oil when I’m in those cities.

    Can you commit to praying with me that the kingdom of Heaven will reclaim territory, hearts, minds, families, peace, and joy in every city we visit?

    It’s not too late to join the revolution. Check out the cities we’re going to be in at and come war with me.

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