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    PASTOR SARAH JAKES SERMONS LISTEN LIKE JESUS : Pastor Sarah Jakes teaches us to listen like Jesus, She starts by telling us that she thinks that you all should know that the saying time heals all wounds is a scam, some of you have already figured that out because you are grown years old and you’re still walking around with them four-year-old traumas.

    Pastor Sarah said it’s so important that we take the time to really dissect that because otherwise we will be spending days and months and weeks and years waiting for the time that healing comes when in reality there are some words that have been spoken over us some words, that have lived down on the inside of us, that though they have been unspoken, they have still caused the scars and wounds and those are the words that we generally receive from other people but then there are the self-inflicted wounds that come from the words we never got the chance to release like that time that you beat yourself up for not saying the thing that you know, you should have said to the person.

    For some of us we owe someone others apologies, you just couldn’t bring yourself to say it, you’ve got to lay something down at the feet of someone, who you would never want to lay something down in front of you, have to turn over your pride, you have to turn over your ego, there’s a conversation that needs to be had and yet those words have stayed trapped on the inside of you because at the end of the day it feels like it’s easier for it to stay inside of you, not realising that words unspoken wound the soul.

    So how do we begin to come to a place where the words that have been spoken over us can be extracted from my soul, so that we can believe again, how do we position ourselves in such a way that we can release the word that God has given us without second guessing ourselves, without comparison, without insecurity.

    We have to realise that before, they said anything that damaged your soul god spoke you into existence, before the insecurity happened before the friendships rejected you, God said I spoke a word i gave you enough word before i formed you to battle the words that were going to come your way man.

    We have to get an anointed word down in your soul that’s how the weapons form but don’t prosper, that’s how any tongue that rises up against you is condemned because you start fighting back with words like God you sent me, God you chose me, God you protected me, God you kept me.

    Pastor Sarah Jakes wants us to know that there is a word embedded in us that supersedes every other word that we come across during our time here on earth that will help us overcome.


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