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Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts Sermon: Structured for a Miracle

    Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts Sermon Structured for a Miracle : The daughter of the famous preacher TD Jakes and Serita Jakes, the wife of Toure Roberts and a pastor of ONE which is a Potters House Church, Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts  shares this new sermon  titled: “Structured for a Miracle” which will brighten the glimpse of hope in your life.

    Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts  of ONE formerly known as The Potters House At One La has changed the lives of many women in the United States of America through her “Woman Evolve Podcast”

    Sarah Jakes has remained dedicated, devoted and focused in impacting in the lives of people worldwide especially the lives of the women. She is an example of a lady that never allowed depression and early mistakes to ruin her dreams and career.

    Encouraging everyone on Instagram, Sarah Jakes Roberts once wrote:

    “Gifted doesn’t mean ready. Random doesn’t mean you’re not making progress.

    Fridays can feel rough when you feel unfulfilled with where you are in life.

    I hope this encourages your heart. Trust the strategy even when it doesn’t feel like it’s working. Glean the lessons of this season with gratitude and humility. You’re going to need this moment.

    Jesus was born the Messiah but it took 30 years for him to step into his call. When he finally stepped in he understood the culture, nuances, landscape, and climate that would be the backdrop of His anointing.

    You may be the star, but the stage still has to be set.”

    Watch and learn from this sermon by Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts: “Structured for a Miracle” as we bring the latest sermons from Pastors around the United States of America to you.

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