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Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts Sermon: Blinded by Want

    Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts Sermon Blinded by Want : ONE (A Potters House Church) through Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts has shared this mew and life changing sermon and message titled: “Blinded by Want” and it is a message that will educate you and motivate you. In this message, she said there is so much security when you’re in the presence of God.

    She reminded us that we all need that man and that we are not in this thing on our own. Not only are we not in this thing on our own but we are literally connected with other people who are on a journey in different parts of the world but same journey different circumstances but same journey different past but same journey different destiny. Sarah Jakes Roberts said that the journey is choosing to activate everything that God has placed down on the inside of us

    Watch, Listen and meditate on this sermon by Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts titled: “Blinded by Want”  and be rest assured that the word of God contained herein will make great impact in your life. Also  share, comment and even request for a sermon, devotional or profile of any pastor in the comment section. Stay tuned with us as we update you with the latest sermons, devotionals and bible teachings from pastor worldwide

    Credit: ONE YouTube

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