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Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts Sermon: Blessed, Blind & Broken

    Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts Sermon Blessed Blind and Broken : One Online (A Potters House Church) shares this message and sermon by Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts titled “Blessed, Blind & Broken” and it s a sermon you will love to listen to.

    She taught from second Samuel chapter 12. Sarah said she is going through one of those seasons where you realize you’re not as saved as you thought you were. She said she does not know if anybody is experiencing same thing. Sometimes God takes you through something and reveals something about you with your character and your ways of being. That sits you right down on the thought that you had it together … thought you knew what you were doing and God says you still got some learning to do.

    Second Samuel 12 15. For those of you who don’t know or are unfamiliar with this passage, David is king and he’s been raggedy … he’s been real raggedy, he had murdered.

    While you watch and learn from this message by Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts titled ”Blessed, Blind & Broken”, may God bless his words in your heart and meet you at your points of needs.

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