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Message By Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts: Buried Alive

    Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts message Buried Alive : Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts of the potters church has come through with this new and inspiring message titled “Buried Alive” which is exclusively the first session at the Woman Evolve 2021 Conference.

    In this Woman Evolve 2021 Conference message by Sarah Jakes Roberts, she taught from the book of Ezekiel 37 verse 7 .

    According Pastor Sarah Jakes,  if you’re not a Church girl, that’s all right because we inducted you.

    Sarah said that most of the Church girls became club girls and then back to being Church girls. She said that in this verse, Prophet Ezekiel was taken out into the spirit and dropped into the valley of dry bones and the lord is showing him things and verse 7 is right in the middle of what God has shown him.

    Watch and learn from this message by Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts: “Buried Alive”  and stay tuned as we bring you the latest messages from Pastors around the world.

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