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Pastor Robert Morris Shares A Successful Suggery Report

    Pastor Robert Morris Suggery : The senior pastor of Gateway Church Robert Morris has taken to social media to inform the general public that he is “home resting” after a successful completion of his second back surgery.

    It should be recalled that less than four months after his first back surgery, Pastor Morris of Gateway Church underwent a second back surgery on the 12th October 2023 to address “longstanding” “excruciating back pain” resulting from a “herniated disc” that has continued to cause him “immense pain and discomfort.”

    The 62-year-old pastor announced the scheduled surgery in an earlier update. However, in a Friday Instagram update, Morris made known that he is resting at home after the surgery which went successful.

    He expressed gratitude to the” amazing surgical team and hospital staff for their exceptional care.” Morris also acknowledged that he and his wife Debbie are appreciative of the “encouraging words and prayers during this time”

    Prior to his surgery, Morris requested prayers which included “Pray the surgery is a complete success, bringing relief and healing. Ask God to guide the hands of my medical team and grant them wisdom and precision throughout the procedure.”

    He requested also Prayers “for a smooth recovery and a speedy healing process. pray my body responds well to the treatment and any pain or discomfort may be alleviated. Emotional and spiritual strength as I navigate through the recovery process, as well as to pray for strength and comfort for Debbie as she cares for me during my recovery. Ask for God’s supernatural peace to be poured out upon her and that she find rest and encouragement.”

    Morris had his first back surgery in June. At the time, his son James Morris notified the public that his father “had a herniated disc that was so large that they had to do immediate surgery this morning because it was pressing against his sciatic nerve.”
    He disclosed also in the Instagram update that the surgery was successful but requested prayers for his quick recovery.

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